“I was part of readiness drills in East Peoria, Il.”

Saturday, October 14, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 14th, 2017

Very recently, I received the following communication from a reader. After an exchange, he granted me permission to publish the “readiness accounts” of this person at his place of employment spanning a period of 2 years to as recently as this past summer. When one steps back and contemplates the significance of what this person could potentially be revealing, it sends chills down my spine:

Scott Eddy

7:59 AM (4 hours ago)

to davehodges


Good morning. I recently listened to one of your shows talking about Colorado.

I drive a day cab semi for Federal Logistics (not FedEx) in East Peoria, Il. We have the biggest transportation warehouse that I know of anywhere in the area. We are also related to Allied Moving and Storage.
The US army has come into our business twice and monitored and worked with our employees learning all aspects of operation. The time line for these events would be somewhere around two years ago.
More recently about a year ago I was asked to be part of a Readiness drill that would put me in lead truck in a convoy of trucks leaving from our warehouse to Centralia Correctional Center. We deliver food to the prisons, Hill Correctional for example, all over Illinois as part of our daily duties. When I got to work the trailers were already loaded so we just hooked up and got ready to leave. Upon departure we were given papers and exact instructions verbally and also written on what to do where to go and so on. As this was a drill we were not going to be escorted down to Centralia.
When we got to the prison there was a line of representing government agency vehicles including all manner of military all the way out the entrance. We were rushed in a head of everyone to be unloaded and got to the main gate to be checked in. At this point we were escorted not inside to be unloaded at the usual docks but instead off loaded to the ground where we learned that the material we were carrying would be given to local Department of Transportation vehicles and dispersed to police stations throughout the state.
It was here that I finally got to see the load that we were carrying. Entire truck loads of bio suits, masks, gloves, the whole gamut. I would have taken pictures but that wouldn’t have gone over to well I think. As I was joking around with the fork lift driver trying to make some small talk and maybe gain some insight into more details I noticed panning around from time to time that certain people were just staring at me the whole time. They never let their eyes off me. During their count of the pallets the numbers were off and I was summoned by DHS agents to come over and help them out. These guys wouldn’t go for small talk.
To sum this up, to me it was just what it was a Readiness drill utilizing transportation from a common carrier. Looking back you can put this clearly together. Obviously during a Martial law situation businesses would be strategically seized or taken over by the military and if it would be a chemical weapons crisis situation or other life threatening scenario that would require such gear then our cargo would be the most valuable thing and need to be under police or military escort. It leaves only one question for me. Where did all this bio stuff come from? I work in and out of this warehouse and have at no time seen any of this sitting on the floors. There has to be a part of the warehouse where no one goes and know one knows where this stuff is sitting. MORE IMPORTANTLY, NONE OF THIS CARGO, I REPEAT, NONE OF THIS CARGO EVER CAME BACK. Was it disbursed? Did it remain in a heavily guarded prison? What else is being stockpiled that we know of at prisons? Those massive buys of hollow point rounds by the government perhaps?
Look I’m just Joe driver nobody that works a regular job but things are adding up to me. When I hear and see military vehicles that are not ours, not even paint schemes we would use, going down the road on a drop deck in broad daylight, endless, and I mean endless, month after month, brand new military vehicle convoys, most of which are medical Humvees, going east, west, north, south, on I55, and I74, preparation is happening right in front of our faces.
Something very disturbing and extremely out of place to me that went under the radar as it were was one time a few months ago I had delivered the usual bread crumbs to Hill Correctional in Galesburg and was outside the gate closing my doors on the trailer and a semi pulls up to the guard tower and the driver of the semi that was definitely of foreign descent starts handing out all manner of weapons out of the cab of his truck. WHAT! That was my immediate reaction. This was so far out of place I don’t think I would believe someone telling me a story like that. Could it be legit? With the off the wall stories we are getting today that turn out to be true, yes.

I hope this was informational and not a waste of your time. Thank you for your Devotion to this country I love and may God bless all those who are awake.”

What Does It Mean?

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  1. eyes open

    Our little office of Emergency management in Logan co. Arkansas gas lots of NBC equipment. And weapons. I found trigger locks one day we were cleaning offices. Ask about them and she said we have a armory. Why?
    We started asking more questions and I guess hit a nerve. They desoved us as a team. After all those FEMA certifications. To bad still have them just on my sid card and number.


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