North Korea threaten World War 3 with terrifying PLAGUE, ANTHRAX and SMALLPOX weapons

Saturday, October 7, 2017
By Paul Martin

NORTH Korea is preparing a sick attack on their Western enemies using horrific biological weapons – including plague, anthrax and smallpox bombs.

Sat, Oct 7, 2017

North Korea boasts a terrifying arsenal of sick biological weapons which could be dropped over, or smuggled into and then released inside the, the Kim Jong-un’s enemy states.

And Kim, already notoriously erratic and easily infuriated, would need just 10 days to assemble a viable missile and release diseases on the innocent populations of his biggest rivals.

The horrifying prospect was revealed in a new report carried out by intelligence company AMPLYFI and Harvard University.

They scoured the internet for online clues and discovered 23,000 websites containing biological warfare references with links to North Korea.

The report warns North Korea would not respect international safety standards or rules of war – a threat which has set alarm bells ringing in Seoul, Tokyo, Washington and London.

The joint ‘North Korea’s Biological Weapons Program’ report said: “North Korea could produce military-style batches of biological weapons, specifically anthrax.

“The most recent statement by the South Korean Defence Ministry is that ‘North Korea has 13 types of biological weapons which it can weaponise within 10 days’.

“And anthrax and smallpox are the likely agents it would deploy.”

North Korea possesses the capability to deploy 13 agents: anthrax, botulism, cholera, Korean hemorrhagic fever, plague, smallpox, typhoid fever, yellow fever, dysentry, brucellosis, staph, typhus fever and alimentary toxic aleukia.

Kim could use a variety of ways to release the biological weapons across the world, the report said.

It explained: “Missiles, drones, airplanes, sprayers, and human vectors are potential means of biological warfare delivery.

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  1. Strayhorse

    If President Trump had made such bold declarations of harm to others threatening to use biological weapons to destroy the world, would the world want his head? Hell yes, so I guess the question begging to be asked is, when will the nations of the world and mass media see the North Korea Tyrant as a danger to the entire world, and put him to rest? Is the world of civilized nations going to make the United States the bad guy and force America to put Kim down and neutralize this threat?


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