Las Vegas Victim Stuns Mainstream Media: “I Saw Multiple Shooters”

Friday, October 6, 2017
By Paul Martin

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
October 6, 2017

One of the victims in Sunday’s Las Vegas massacre claims he witnessed more than one shooter carry out the attack.

Rocky Palermo, who took a .233 round to the pelvis, says the attack was carried out by 3-5 active shooters, and claims he has evidence to support his assertion. reports: Palermo strongly believes there were between 3-5 active shooters during the attack because as he ran away from the initial gunfire, he describes bullets not only raining down, but flying horizontally at the crowd.

Palermo — an avid hunter familiar with guns and ballistics — says the different trajectories of gunfire was extremely evident, even in the midst of chaos.

He is skeptical of the information being given by authorities regarding Stephen Paddock being a “lone wolf” gunman and has a theory as to why cops don’t buy it.

Further, Palermo is questioning why certain exits out of the venue were suddenly closed off just before the shooting, but claims the same exits were open during the previous nights of the concert.

Palermo says he relayed his theory to the FBI during an interview while being discharged from the hospital, but has not heard any follow up since.

The “multiple shooter” theory has been rampantly discussed among conspiracy theorists since Sunday’s deadly massacre. The theorists believe audio and video from the shooting support their claims.

BTW, Rocky’s friends set up a GoFundMe to help cover medical and other expenses while he gets back on his feet.

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One Response to “Las Vegas Victim Stuns Mainstream Media: “I Saw Multiple Shooters””

  1. Caroline

    The bull-shit is now some several inches deep and growing. No one and I do mean no one believes what the Lame Stream Media is saying about this shooting. Why is that you may ask??? ’cause it’s all a phucking lie put together by the thugs and perps that put this together…that is why!!!

    The assumption was that the public was/is so stoopid that anything you tell them will fly, and guess what, it is no longer working. The FBI and the other government thugs along with Soros backed idiots put this crap together and do not, and can not think thru all the details and are now being found out for who and what they are.

    From James Comey (lying phuck) down to the punks that carry out the shooting, we know you are the spawn of Hitlery. You know it, and we know it.

    Now, the next problem is going to be keeping Mr. Palermo alive long enough to testify to what he has seen. Note how the eyewitness to the trade center fiasco all disappeared ‘after the fact’ Let’s be careful with the several witnesses that we already have of this shooting least they end up lost in the desert somewhere.


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