Ready for war? US cuts ALL contact with North Korea over nuclear crisis

Thursday, October 5, 2017
By Paul Martin

NORTH Korea and the US have cut all channels of talks amid the growing threat of war between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

By Henry Holloway
6th October 2017

South Korean officials revealed Washington has severed all back channels with Pyongyang as both sides continue to talk up war.

The US quit any attempt to talk to Kim after he detonated his sixth and most powerful nuclear bomb last month.

War fears have been brewing as both sides ratchet up the rhetoric as Trump threaten to “totally destroy” North Korea.

Kim has threatened to detonate another nuclear bomb over the Pacific as tensions remain high.

Choung Byoung-gug, of South Korea’s opposition group the Bareun Party, revealed the US has cut all talks with the North.

Kim’s hydrogen bomb blast is believed to have been as powerful as 250 kilotons – more than 10 times the strength of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

World leaders condemned the blast which was seen as North Korea’s worth ever provocation of the West.

Mr Choung said: “I got the impression that there were talks up until the sixth nuclear test, and then they stopped.

“They told me they think the circumstances have changed.”

He added however the US reassured him there would be no military action without the consent of South Korea.

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One Response to “Ready for war? US cuts ALL contact with North Korea over nuclear crisis”

  1. Carmen

    The thought of a nuclear confrontation should be foremost on the minds of Americans and the last thing we want. Our young men and women will become cannon fodder for the NWO and a generation of young men and women will be lost. Does the FED, Wally St or their ilk care? Hell no! It is the agenda of the filth like Soros and Gates to relieve the so-called pressure on the earth by destroying the bulk of civilization thru war.

    Rail against war!! Do not allow the U.S. Government to jump into a confrontation that will destroy our youth. The anti-war crowd of the later 60’s and early 70’s did the right thing…for all the wrong reasons. Do not let this happen to America again.

    If Wall St. wants a war; tell them to grab a rifle and get their sorry asses on the front line. DO NOT SEND OUR YOUNG PEOPLE TO FIGHT A WAR FOR WALL ST.


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