John McCain Is Pushing For War With Russia: “What Has Been Set Into Motion Is Still In Motion”

Saturday, September 30, 2017
By Paul Martin

Jeremiah Johnson
September 30th, 2017

The “Founding Father” of Ukraine
Could only be Senator John McCain
As Civil War splits East and West
Johnny smiles and takes a breath
(A few brain cells short) …nonetheless,
His plans unfolding once again.

What has been set into motion is still in motion and coming around for a second lap. The consortium of John McCain (the ringleader with the Soros connections), acted with the “authority” of Barack Hussein Obama II and “independently,” aided by Victoria Nuland (commissioned by Hillary Clinton, also acting on behalf of Soros) and Lindsay Graham (a ventriloquist dummy in the hands of McCain). What a team! Arseniy Yatsenuk quacked and chirped under orders, until it was determined that he was too weak.

Yatsenuk couldn’t stem the tide of fighting between the self-proclaimed autonomous Eastern districts of Ukraine and the Kiev government. The IMF had offered to pay the Gazprom bill of $9 billion to Russia, and Ukraine was well on its way in 2014 to becoming a part of NATO and another IMF puppet of Europe. The Separatists had other plans, though, and Russia aided them and offered to support them in the manner of South Ossetia in the Georgian War of 2005.

The IMF realized that Yatsenuk was not strong enough to hammer down the Separatists, and guarantee the enslavement with interest to pay the $9 billion. The IMF realized that under Yatsenuk, perhaps the entire country would either revolt, be permanently split, or that the Russians might come in. Soros had a vested interest in all of this: Soros wanted to purchase billions of dollars-worth of contracts, leases, and buy options for the paltry sum of $50 million. US interests (and hence Soros’ interests indirectly) and those of the IMF were falling by the wayside. The kicker was when Russia took Crimea after Crimea’s election (or invitation, if you prefer) …because they were not going to have Sevastopol and their Black Sea Fleet’s base yanked out from under their feet.

Yatsenuk (Yoda) was then demoted, and in came Petro “Willy Wonka” Poroshenko, chocolate magnate and multi-millionaire as Ukraine’s US and NATO Hegemony-Approved leader. The problem here is that Poroshenko marched in step with the US interests; however, some of his measures created more problems for the US than was realized initially. See, Poroshenko (indirectly through and with the help of Maidan) enforced a blockade on coal coming from the Eastern Provinces, the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. Maidan was a Soros-supported and funded organization from the beginning…even before the ouster of Yanukovych, the duly-elected leader under the Constitution of Ukraine.

That coal blockade was a bad move that backfired and is affecting the US now.

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