Google(CIA) partners with psychiatric drug front group to push mental illness “self diagnosis” tool that will generate more profits for Big Pharma

Friday, September 29, 2017
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Friday, September 29, 2017

Pharmaceutical companies are becoming increasingly greedy and conniving when it comes to recruiting new victims for their drug offerings, as evidenced by a new online tool being released by search engine giant Google. Known as “Dr. Google,” the deceptive program is the brainchild of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a pro-psychiatric drug front group that wants more people to believe that they suffer from mental illnesses that require interventions with mind-altering psychiatric medications.

According to reports, users will be able to log onto Dr. Google and take a nine-step “quiz” that will assess whether or not they suffer from mental illness. Available only to Google users in the United States, which are apparently the perfect targets due to lax American drug advertising laws, Dr. Google claims to be able to determine whether or not a person is sick in the head based on just a few generic answers, to which users will be advised for further treatment.

How do users find Dr. Google, you might be asking yourself? They don’t, technically. It automatically pops up in the ‘knowledge panel” on the right-hand side of the screen when American users search for the term “depression.” In other words, potential sufferers of clinical depression are targeted based on their search queries with a crafty form of drug advertising that’s speciously disguised as an online quiz – because who doesn’t like a quiz; they’re fun, right?

In essence, Dr. Google is designed to pop up on the screen as a quiz with the words, “check if you’re clinically depressed.” Curious users will click it, take the quiz, and nine times out of ten be told that they’re mentally ill and in need of a drug-based intervention. These same users will then presumably call their doctors to make an appointment for a drug evaluation, just as Big Pharma intends.

“More than 16 million Americans – 7 percent of the country – suffer from some form of depression, with that rate steadily climbing,” one report claims, apparently in support of this latest psychological affront on Americans by the drug industry. “And yet, studies show it takes around six years for a person to be diagnosed with the mental illness, and only 50 percent of sufferers receive treatment.”

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  1. D

    Has anybody else besides me noticed that every other commercial on TV is a drug commercial. I’m thinking of suspending my cable contract just because I’M SO FED UP having these drug commercials rammed down my throat. We need to follow other countries censorship (um, guidelines) of limiting Big Pharma’s influence upon its citizens. BIG PHARMA – WE DON’T LIKE YOU AND WE DON’T WANT YOU ….. GO AWAY!!!!!


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