A Congressman, a Former DHS Chief and a Major Wall Street Figure Have All Predicted an EMP Attack

Friday, September 29, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 29th, 2017

Is an EMP in America’s future? A growing number of prominent Americans say it is is.

In my years of covering the plots and conspiracies of the New World Order and their continual assault upon Americans and Christians, I have never seen such a bizarre and numerous set of events which threaten to take down the country and eventually world. This is Part Three of an open-ended series about thse events. I have had numerous discussions with colleagues about these events and to a person we have all expressed the same level of confusion. However, amongst the noise, there now appears to be a discernable pattern which is very disturbing.

It appears that North Korea is preparing to launch an EMP attack upon the United States. As an aside, this goes against everything I had come to believe about this possibility. North Korea is a puppet state of China. China owns the debt of the United States. Therefore, it would be preferrable for the Chinese to take over an America in which the infrastructure would be functional. Therefore, I have previously rejected the notion of a pending EMP attack upon the United States. Yet, the evidence coming out of these events stronly suggests otherwise and when we follow the emerging data, we can conclude the following:

1.North Korea will launch an EMP attack against the United States that will be sanctioned by China.
2.There are numerous 5th column forces inside the United States ready to act after the EMP has been delivered.
3.There will be roundups of American dissidents as rehearsed in Jade Helm 15.
4.It is my firm belief that the United States will be attacked, Red-Dawn style, follwing completion of items #1-3 on this list.

Part 4 will deal with items # 2 and 3 on this list and Part 5 will address item #4

Congressman Trent Franks and a North Korean EMP Attack

As a backdrop to this very serious situation, I take you to the September 27, 2017 archives of Darin Damme’s show, Reality Check, in which he interviewed Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) regarding the possibillity of a North Korean EMP attack upon the United States.

Congressman Franks is quite clear in his admonition of the Obama administration that refused to spend one dime to harden America’s infrastructure. Trents has repeatedly expressed the belief that America is ill-prepared for what the North Koreans could bring to the table. The interview that Franks had with Damme, on Arizona’s largest new/talk state station, was simultaneously stunning and frightening at the same time.

The interview between Damme and Franks can be accessed at this link. Franks pretty much repeated what I heard him say at my former church back in 2008. In the interview, Franks identified a number of concerns with regard to the United States being hit by an EMP.

First, please allow me to state that any EMP launched against the United States will be sanctioned not only by China by the American Deep State as well. This explains why Obama never moved to protect the grid, despite Trent Franks calls to do so. It is looking more and more as if the establishment, as some call them, have had enough of the rising tide of American populism and the time for the takedown of America and the archaic notions of liberty have their course. It is time for the global elite to put the hammer down.

Is Trent Franks alone in his assertion that an EMP attack is a matter of when and not if?

Warnings From On High From the Former “Big Sis”

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