Pope to Those in Europe Who Oppose Mass Muslim Migration: Drop Dead

Thursday, September 28, 2017
By Paul Martin

SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

I have zero respect for the Vatican or the Roman Pontiff, not just this one, but all of them who have claimed they are the vicar of Christ. However, the latest in a long bunch of lines (Yes, there have been several lines of succession the papacy, not just one. Read your history) of the Vatican’s leader, Pope Francis seems to take the cake at every turn.

Recently, he ran interference for Islam by welcoming jihad-tied Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, to the Vatican.

According to Breitbart News, “the two men reportedly exchanged views on a number of ‘issues of common interest’ including peace and global harmony, and discussed cooperation on issues of peaceful coexistence and the spread of love.”

There is absolutely nothing loving about the meeting unless someone was confronting both men with regard to their blatant sins.

However, Pope Francis has been such a defender of Islam that it’s actually interesting that one anti-Christ (One who puts himself in the place of Christ or rejects that Christ (God) came in the flesh) is defending another, but I’m not surprised by that.

Robert Spencer commented about the Pope’s covering for Islam last week. He wrote:

The spread of love. Yes, that’s what the Muslim World League is all about.
Nor is this the first time a Muslim leader has thanked the Pope for being so very useful. Last July, Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Cairo’s al-Azhar, thanked him for his “defense of Islam against the accusation of violence and terrorism.”

Has any other Pope of Rome in the history of Christianity ever been heralded as a “defender of Islam”?
Of course not. But the Catholic Church has come a long way since the days of Pope Callixtus III, who vowed in 1455 to “exalt the true Faith, and to extirpate the diabolical sect of the reprobate and faithless Mahomet in the East.”

If time travel could be arranged and Pope Francis could run into Callixtus III, Callixtus could “expect a punch,” for Francis is not just a defender of Islam, but a defender of the Sharia death penalty for blasphemy: after Islamic jihadists murdered the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who had drawn Muhammad, Francis obliquely justified the murders by saying that “it is true that you must not react violently, but although we are good friends if [an aide] says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch, it’s normal.
You can’t make a toy out of the religions of others.

These people provoke and then (something can happen).

In freedom of expression, there are limits.

So for the Pope, murdering people for violating Sharia blasphemy laws is “normal,” and it isn’t terrorism for “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist,” he said in a speech last February. “There are fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions—and with intolerant generalizations they become stronger because they feed on hate and xenophobia.”

So, there is no Islamic terrorism, but if you engage in “intolerant generalizations,” you can “expect a punch.”

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