Lynette Zang: Gold, Cryptos and Economic Decline

Thursday, September 28, 2017
By Paul Martin

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

For those that have been following the interviews I have been conducting over the past several weeks know that we have been keeping track of all the news items regarding physical gold. It all started with Terry Duffy, President of the CME Group stating on live TV that gold should currently be in $5-$6,000/ounce with all the geopolitical, economic and financial news. Then an article appeared on the front page of the WSJ interviewing Ronan Manly, John Embry and James Turk discussing the Federal Reserve, gold swaps and gold price suppression. This was followed by Secretary Treasurer, Mnuchin visiting Ft Knox and stating “gold is safe”. About a week later Goldman Sachs announced physical gold was the “true hedge of last resort”. Then Jeff Christian stated that if a person had held 27-30% physical gold in their portfolio between 1968 and 2016 their portfolio would have performed “significantly better” than a portfolio without physical gold.

The physical gold story then went international and Sputnik News reported on the “price suppression scheme” and ask who and why. And now, just within the past few days, the World Gold Council is asking if we have reached “peak gold”.

That string of news events is stunning to stay the least. I can’t remember this volume of physical gold articles by the mainstream media over the course of a typical calendar year and all these news events have hit the wire in the past two+ months!! One quickly followed by the other in the order as they are laid out above. If one simply looks at the heart of each article and strings them together it lays out a path and the path ends with “peak gold”. My guess is the physical gold stories by the mainstream media are done for the moment and we may not hear any more about physical gold for some time. I hope I’m wrong, but it seems the “owners” have painted a picture that makes a great argument for acquiring physical gold right now. Not tomorrow, but as soon as possible and get as much as possible. At least that’s my personal take away from this string of news events from the people that have been manipulating the gold and silver markets for the past several decades.

I presented all this to Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst, ITM Trading, during the interview below. Lynette, somewhat, agrees and has her own analysis of what all this means. Even if a person knows nothing about gold, they could review these news stories above and see that something is going on. Lynette doesn’t think there is anything sinister but has a very interesting take on the whole thing.

Ms. Zang contacted ACChain and provides us with an update and confirms what David Bubyne discusses in some of his research at Adapt 2030. The ACChain is not anchored in China. The real ACChain/ACCoin is in Korea and Canada and, currently, is outside the ICO shut down in China. Also, what other cryptocurrency is tied to the SDR, which is the whole problem with the ACChain/ACCoin.

This is to say nothing of qbitcoin that operates on the quantum chain. The quantum chain, as we reported about here, is another layer of the problem with the cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies live on the blockchain and quantum chain can mirror the blockchain.

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