When Did America Become AmeriKa?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 26th, 2017

When did America become Amerika?

Was it when we gave up the Constitution after 9/11?

Was it when we allowed key persons in authority to found ISIS?

Was it when we sold our missile technology during the Clinton administration?

Was it when we reduced our nuclear arsenal to meager levels?

Was it when we stopped defending the territorial integrity of our borders?

All of the items and more, contributed to the demise of America. However, any nation that does not protect the territorial integrity of its borders is no longer a border. And now America is paying the price as we have an untold amount of immigrants in this country with bad intentions.

Please consider the following facts:

Angela Merkle has been re-elected in what has to be one of the biggest voting frauds ever perpetrated upon the citizens of any country. Immigration has ruined Germany. The immigration has not been orderly, it is a case of of whoever wants into the country, criminal or not, violet or not, has been permitted to enter. The German citizens have been victimized by these these people in large numbers. The German government has stripped their citizens of any free speech and have fined and jailed dissenters to this unregulated immigration for voicing their opposition. The German people are not secure in their homes as thousands have been evicted from apartments to make room for the new immigrants. The class of immigrants that Germany have received are violent, not family orientated, are all of fighting age and they refuse to assimilate to the majority culture. In short, Germany and the rest of Europe, who are participating in this national self-destruction are on their way to totally losing any sense of national sovereignty.

The year before James Comey was rightfully dismissed as FBI director, he issued a much publicized statement in which he said the FBI knows of at least one ISIS terrorist cell in each and every state. This led many to conclude that one day, we will have a Jihad in our country that will make the 1968 Tet Offensive look calm by comparison.

Multiple investigations have revealed the the drug cartels have long partnered (since 2006) with terrorist groups in moving drugs into the US, facilitating child-sex-trafficking, and laundering money in out banks (eg HSBC and Wells Fargo).

Our government, except for Donald Trumpand a few Congressmen, have refused to lift one finger in defense of our country and the safety of its citizens.

In short, we have met the enemy and he is us

The Dream Act

Despite the clear messages sent from the border states to former President Obama, he still issued an executive order giving the DREAM Act the force of law. Attempted amnesty has been proposed numerous times and has failed every time. Most Americans, especially naturalized Americans, still believe that their uniquely United States citizenship still means something. Surely, with over 80% of the country opposing amnesty, the executive action by Obama would have died a natural death, once and for all, but not with the great usurper, that was not to be the case.

President Trump has no intention on deporting immigrants who were brought here by their parents. However, it was illegal to continue to let Obama’s order to stand. Trump negated Obama’s executive order and pushed the issue onto Congress and gave them 6 months to fix the problem without deporting the Dreamers. For his trouble, Trump is now labeled a racist and this has fueled, among other things, the NFL kneeling issue.

A Nation That Does Not Control Its Borders Is Not a Safe Nation

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3 Responses to “When Did America Become AmeriKa?”

  1. Strayhorse

    It all started when Prescott Bush and the money hungry elitist military industrial complex made a deal with the Nazi’s and then the Bush Family gain power shortly before and after JFK was assassinated and THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY BECAME COMPLICIT IN THE ASSASSINATION.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Inch by inch it’s a cinch. Keep empty heads watching sports and Watchmen afraid to say we need an enlarged Confederate States for white Christians ONLY. Then … TAKE OVER media academia and government while the panty pansys are distracted and wet on themselves.

    Attention supposed “watchmen” : THEY are going to call you all the names ANYWAYS. THEY are going to destroy your inheritance ANYWAYS. You “watchmen” are like a husband watching his wife and kids get raped by towel heads and not stopping them because … “they’ll call you ist names !!!” Grow a pair or retire.

  3. OldReb

    Going back, what we are forced to endure was FIRST started by Caesar Lincoln. Obama was the “Kiss of Death”. He was not a citizen and if you take the time to read Article I, Section 2 which states; excluding Indians not taxed, 3/5 of all other persons.
    To be faithful to the Constitution, no one but WHITES may be a CITIZEN. Even the amendment freeing those bound to service could mean Horses and Mules. Regardless the 3/5’s clause stands unchanged.


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