I’m A Black Football Fan, And I’m Turning Off The NFL

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
By Paul Martin


Saturday night working in my wood shop, I heard a reporter on the radio say, “Trump has found someone else to pick a fight with, the NFL.” Clearly, the reporter wanted listeners to believe Trump was the bad guy. And yet, fake news media swears their reporting is not biased.

Leftists are outraged because Trump said, “The NFL should fire or suspend players who kneel during our national anthem.” I totally agree with our president. I suspect a majority of Americans also agree. Strictly from a common sense business point of view, shouldn’t team owners stop their players from doing things that turn off football fans? America and football fans have been extremely good to these spoiled brat wealthy players. Pro athletes live lives far above most Americans in terms of finances, power and influence. Fans do not deserve pro athletes slapping us in the face.

My immediate response to Trump’s recommendation to the NFL was, “Amen brother! Thank God for Donald Trump!” Folks, I am so sick of wimpy politicians. More and more our country is turning into a bizarro-world in which politicians are terrified of offending Leftists, scrambling to meet their absurd demands. Trump is a straight-talkin’ real man with backbone; a long-awaited breath of fresh air in the international political arena.

On Sunday, seeing NFL coaches and players in locked arms, protesting Trump for criticizing players who dis our flag was devastating to me as a football fan. We tune in to watch football, not to see players giving our nation their middle finger. By NFL owners, coaches and players saying screw you Trump, I feel like the NFL is saying screw you America and fans.

I caught the NFL’s shameful protest on the Steelers/Bears half time show. I tried to continue watching the game, but my conscience would not allow me to do so. Too many men have suffered and died for our flag to remain flying high. I cannot watch a football league that is supportive of players disrespecting our flag, our country and their fans.

Adding insult to injury, the NFL partnered with fake news media in accusing Trump of being divisive for standing up for our country. See how Leftists operate? They attack our principles, values and traditions. When we push-back defending ourselves, Leftists call us haters and the aggressors.

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