For the record: No, the world isn’t ending this Saturday (but yes, humanity will destroy itself soon enough)

Saturday, September 23, 2017
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Friday, September 22, 2017

Despite the popular predictions of some prophecy-minded groups, the world isn’t ending this Saturday. I fully realize many people will be seriously disappointed by such a notion, because it means that all the problems you have to deal with today will still be there for you to deal with on Monday. While the idea of a “cosmic reboot” instantly eliminating all the world’s problems and sorting out the good from the bad in a grand gesture of divine judgement might appeal to a great many people, I suspect that God’s plan for you won’t be so easy to complete.

I’m no Bible scholar, but God’s plan, I believe, is more focused on teaching you how to work through problems and discover who you really are. Destroying the world deprives people of the ability to finish their “life tests,” if you will. At least that’s my take on all this, but since I don’t know the mind of God, I could of course be completely wrong. (I suppose we’ll find out in about 48 hours…)

Nibiru and Planet X

Why am I talking about all this? Some prophecy scholars insist this Saturday (or Sunday, depending on the Jewish calendar definition of when a new day actually starts) will bring about a cosmic cataclysm that will rain down fireballs across much of North America, punishing the United States for being the abortion murder headquarters for our world (among other sins). It’s also being predicted that a mysterious tenth planet — Nibiru or “Planet X” — will appear, and possibly throw Earth out of its orbit, or achieve other various outcomes that are being hotly debated on the prophecy circuit.

To get a taste of all this, check out this video trailer of the wildly popular online documentary ‘The Sign” (and watch the full documentary below).

I’m not a Bible scholar (nor an astronomer), but I highly doubt a whole new planet is going to be observed in the sky this coming weekend. It would sure make for interesting times if it did, but I have a sneaky feeling that next week is going to be a whole lot like this week, complete with all the mainstream media fake news, political bickering, pharmaceutical poisoning, environmental destruction, corporate lying and GMO seed proliferation that we see every week these days. The evil world in which we’re living right now, I suspect, is going to be just as evil come next Monday. Prepare to deal with the real world after this weekend, in other words, because it’s very likely still going to be here.

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