Muslim Migrant Who Raped and Murdered EU Official’s Daughter Makes Himself Out as the Victim

Saturday, September 16, 2017
By Paul Martin

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

Another Merkel Muslim migrant murderer. And now he is whining about his life — what about his victim’s life? He is apologizing now; that won’t bring her back. Nor will it stop EU officials from appointing more savages like him, who believe that infidel women can be taken and used for sexual purposes.

Meanwhile, the enemedia continues to traffic in hate and smear pieces against European politicians who oppose the Muslim invasion of Europe like Geert Wilders.

The rape and murder victim of this Muslim migrant was a member of an organization that helped refugees.

German reader Freda wrote me (her translation is a bit awkward, but you get the picture):

“Two German girls were raped and killed in the same German town, Freiburg, and in a short time.

The one girl who was raped and killed you can see here on the first photo , they found today finally the rapist and killer.

A 17 years old Afghan who came in 2015 as a “teenager” and refugee to Germany and a German family took him warmly as a family member .

That he is only 17 years old, I think is a lie.

He is never never 17 but at least 2 years older or even more!

How do I know?

I lived with Pashtuns etc. and know that they are normaly 2 years older as written on their passport , but on the way to the west it can also be a bit more “younger” !

He was so grateful that he did not rape and kill the woman or women of the family, but a beautiful young German girl, a student of medicine.

I am 100% sure that the other girl was also raped and killed by a so called refugee and in my view it must be really not the same.

It is not like it was in Germany before, that there was one sick killer once a time and who did it several times.
We are talking here about people who are here to spread their Islam and sick mentality towards women and especially west women.”

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  1. Strayhorse

    Rape and murder MUST NEVER be excused due to “cultural differences”. THAT’S BULLSHIT and the offenders KNOW it. Public executions are required for such heinous offenses against the innocent.


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