The Deep State Is Arming Every Institution In Preparation for the Coming Civil War…”Trump is caught in quicksand and the Deep State swamp is pulling him under. In other words America, you are on your own.”

Friday, September 15, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 15th, 2017

117 Ammerican Universities have now armed themselves. Armed themselves for what? Are the students partying to hardy and they must establish a beach head at the nearest frat house? Why are America’s universities increasingly looking like DHS?

Enemy of the State

DHS has been preparing to subjugate anyone who would resist the implementation of the New World Order under the auspices of the Deep State. How do you know if you are an enemy of the state and headed towars a FEMA camp, or worse?

The Domestic Terror Checklist

According to DHS documents, you are a terrorist if you possess certain formerly protected constitutionally protected beliefs. So I decided to give myself the DHS terrorist checklist quiz.

You are a MIAC defined terrorist if you harbor any of the following beliefs:

1. X Ron Paul Supporter. I used to be an ardent supporter.

2. X Supports the Second Amendment. I am not giving up my guns to the Russians, DHS or anyone else.

3. X Supports the Constitution. I am guilty as charged.

4. X Is a Christian conservative. I am guilty.

There is more, but you get the idea. If you, like myself, profess a belief in any of the above positions, you are a domestic terrorist.

Do you know what DHS plans to do with domestic terrorists who refuse to go along to get along? The following is a cross-section of planned actions against you for your politically incorrect beliefs.

Meet Your New DHS Policemen AmeriKa

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has customized its Predator B drones, originally built for overseas military operations, to carry out at-home surveillance tasks that have civil libertarians (i.e. domestic terrorists) worried. The new drones can identify American civilians carrying guns and tracking their cell phones, as the latest redacted government documents show. Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, in reference to the Predator B drones recently stated that “I am very concerned that this technology will be used against law-abiding American firearms owners,” and further stated that “This could violate Fourth Amendment rights as well as Second Amendment rights.” New flash, Mr. Gottlieb, the Constitution is dead and buried deep beneath the new Fatherland.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

By the way, predator drones can fly for up to 20 hours and carry a payload of about 500 lbs, have facial recognition software, can be programmed to be fully autonomous, and can track your cell phone and intercept your emails. What will you fight back with if and when you are placed on the MIAC terrorist watch list and they come for you? I almost forgot to mention, Mr. Gottlieb, that DHS also purchased thousands of full-auto assault rifles, calling them “personal defense weapons,” while at the same time, trying their best to deny US citizens their lawful Second Amendment right to defend themselves with the exact same weapons. But it is OK that DHS is straddling both sides of the fence, because hypocrisy and duplicity are not crimes in the new AmeriKa.

Since we are speaking about automated assassins of innocent Americans who will not accept the globalists’ form of tyranny, I would be remiss if I did not mention the new killer robots which are also being brought online. They run faster than a bear, possess facial recognition capability and can be programmed to be autonomous human hunters. Not being of flesh and blood, if you are their intended target, how could you possibly defend yourself? Does anyone think that DHS has programmed these monsters to show any form of mercy? Given the fact that DHS ordered cut out shooting range targets of pregnant women holding their baby along with depictions of children, I don’t think the coming DHS/FEMA purge is going to be very humane, do you?

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5 Responses to “The Deep State Is Arming Every Institution In Preparation for the Coming Civil War…”Trump is caught in quicksand and the Deep State swamp is pulling him under. In other words America, you are on your own.””

  1. Manny

    We are fortunate here in New Mexico that much of the terrain is difficult to negotiate and possibly that will slow some of the Department of Horse Shit evil shiite down. Another part of the equation is that there are ‘several’ communities that will take particular offense to an intruder…flesh or iron, and will most likely shoot first and question later. My suggestion is ‘let’s try them and see how this works.’ And, remember to Be polite, Be Professional.
    But, be ready to kill every son of a bitch you meet.

  2. Strayhorse

    or do you mean those Americans who want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are on their own? What is wrong with wanting to make America great again? Can’t America have positive change and ALSO make America great again? If you say no, then YOU are the problem and NOT Americans. LEAVE America now! If you say YES, then join the more than 85% of Americans who long for a peaceful resolution to the conflicts that face our nation. First thing we must do is STOP nation building and supporting any form of terrorism, and focus on building the nation of America first before we try to help anyone else. We are a terrible role model at this present time. STOP supporting hate, war, death and destruction and SAVE AMERICA FIRST!

  3. Dan Benson

    At the FBI’s National Police Academy where all command level police are required to attend for full semesters of classes, they have been teaching in Terror update class that:

    Constitutionalists are domestic terrorists because,
    The constitution is no longer the law of the land, only executive orders and laws of Congress.

    I’d rather go down in flames sticking to my guns than live as a pragmatist and compromising on what I was elected for. Survival over principle always ends badly.

    Now out of that “dinner deal” they are reviving a fix for Obama care that is a one payer system. Will Trump cave on that as well?

  4. DHB

    All this modern technology and weapons almost makes the 2nd Amendment and the militia clause irrelevant. We were given this to protect the nation from insurrection, rebellion and foreign threats. That we would have the arms to rise up against tyranny from within or without America. But the tyrants have so much firepower all the guns and ammo are useless. They send in a drone with ground penetrating, thermal, infrared and weapons sensing devices and they will kill you in your underground bunker as you sleep with your arms wrapped around your favourite weapon. Small arms are useless against an adversary that engages you beyond your effective field of fire.

    The key to winning any war especially civil war is intelligence gathering. They will know almost everything about you from far off and you will only know what you can see and hear. One at a time they will go after each person or group. Careful to isolate and segrigate each. It will not end well.

  5. Casey Jones

    You can talk all you want. Bottom line is what your actions are when confronted with physical deadly force. Doesn’t matter what color you are. We all bleed the same.
    We were warned about giving up our freedom for security and no one said anything so here we are. When you have to choose between liberty and death which choice will be yours ?

    Donald Trump fooled you just like Oboma did. First you were jacked Chicago style and now you have been jacked NYC style. They are all the same. They don’t care about you. If you have not figured this out yet you will continue to vote for these liars until there will be no more elections and I think we are at that point right now. You voted for this.


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