Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Exposed 14 Days Ago ‘Vampire Squid’ Goldman Sachs Was Moving In For The Kill. Maguire Now Says Admission By Goldman’s Currie Is A Big Deal

Saturday, September 9, 2017
By Paul Martin

September 09, 2017

Remarkably, two weeks ago whistleblower and London Metals trader Andrew Maguire exposed 14 days ago that ‘Vampire Squid’ Goldman Sachs was moving in for the kill. Maguire now says admission by Goldman’s Currie is a big deal.

Eric King: “Andrew, what a wild week. The comments out of Goldman Sachs, the ‘Vampire Squid,’ just as you predicted, breaking ranks with the other banks (in the gold market). And some of the comments coming out of (Goldman Sachs analyst) Jeff Currie, who has been the gold bear over there forever, essentially saying if you are in Comex futures contracts or ETFs and it hits the fan, it’s all over for you — you’re going to get torched. It sounded like an interview with you and yet this was Jeff Currie from Goldman Sachs. Your thoughts on what you were thinking as you saw that hit the wire.”

Andrew Maguire: “Eric, you know this is no surprise to us…

Andrew Maguire continues: “In our last interview, two weeks ago, it was just one more occasion that you and I discussed what we had been trying to draw the attention to earlier this year, which is the first signs of the breakup of the Gold Cartel.

“The footprints are there to see. My large clients, and these include large sovereigns (countries that are huge physical buyers) are watching with great interest the split in the Cartel that is unfolding (and have been acting on this information now for at least three months). Eric, we spoke about this some months ago when we first saw the signs of the break in the Cartel ranks. My large clients, and these include sovereigns, are watching with great interest the split in the Gold Cartel that is unfolding. I am now absolutely certain that Goldman Sachs and two other bullion banks have allied themselves with China, and are stealthily moving net long physical gold. We know that JP Morgan has been long (physical) silver now for quite some time, but when we see the ‘Vampire Squid’ (Goldman Sachs) is stealthily positioning long in the $5 trillion a year FX gold market, we know they are mirroring what officials are doing quietly behind the illusion and misdirection — going long and setting up for a gold price revaluation.” — Andrew Maguire, August 25. 2017

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