New “RNA interference” crop technology WEAPONIZES food into the ultimate eugenics weapon… could target Blacks for covert sterilization

Thursday, September 7, 2017
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Thursday, September 07, 2017

A devastating new food weaponization technology has been developed called “RNA interference.” This technology, initially rolled out to destroy the fertility of pests, could easily be expanded into a genocidal food-based weapon that targets African-Americans to destroy their fertility. The same technology could also be fine-tuned to target Whites, Latinos, Asians or other races with various “biological payloads” that could include shutting off their fertility, neurological function or ability to build new blood vessels, eventually leading to death.

A New York Times article from 1969, shown below, quotes top science advisors openly calling for placing sterilization chemicals into the food supply to eliminate Blacks. President Nixon’s chief science advisor endorsed the plan and added that perhaps a lottery system could allow certain lucky people to “win” an antidote that would restore their fertility (keep reading for the NYT article source, below). Depopulation advocates at the time said that the United States population should be limited to 150 million people, and that new science breakthroughs should be pursued to find ways to eliminate excess population.

“RNA interference” is a well-known phenomenon in the world of biology and medicine. It describes a process where RNA molecules inhibit gene expression, effectively blocking an organism’s genes from synthesizing proteins or other molecules that are crucial for sustaining life. RNA interference technology is well known in the cancer industry, for example, where such treatments are touted as ways to disable cancer stem cells without using toxic chemotherapy drugs. It’s also known as a type of “gene silencing” therapy.

Medical discovery turns into biological weapon

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One Response to “New “RNA interference” crop technology WEAPONIZES food into the ultimate eugenics weapon… could target Blacks for covert sterilization”

  1. Miriam

    Deep State has been trying for decades to rid us of the African American population. Democrats with welfare–no daddy in the house rules. Cigarettes, guns… I knew a gentleman who was Chief of Admin for the NRA based in Washington DC, and I remember asking him, ‘You’re in the city? Not in the wild open spaces of Virginia?’ He answered that NRA’s job was to make guns available to inner city youth–black kids.

    Cancer, hypertension, the anemia thing…abortion.

    The degeneration of blacks has been on ongoing project of the US government since the end of the civil war.

    Planned Parenthood only wants white babies, their clinics are chock full of black girls waiting for white technicians and nurses to kill their offspring because parenthood is a pain in the ass. Birth control is too white, the girls might want it, but their ‘man’ will object, since it’s manly to father as many babies as possible. Hitler has nothing on Uncle Sam genocide wise…

    But do you hear serious intelligent black representatives speak about it? Hell no! Slave mentality for all enslaved peoples of every color around the world reads: Me first, to hell with the women and kids!


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