Exposed: How Marxist left is warring for America

Monday, September 4, 2017
By Paul Martin

‘Hitler killed 11 million people. Trump killed zero people. Trump is not Hitler. But it’s all they’ve got’


Shortly after the release of his second book, “How Evil Works,” WND Managing Editor David Kupelian appeared on the Fox News primetime program “Hannity.”

He told Sean Hannity that Barack Obama, then in his second year as president, was “attempting a socialist coup d’état in Washington, D.C.” and had been “steeped in Marxist ideology for the past 30 years.”

Liberal commentator Bob Beckel, seated next to Kupelian, visibly seethed with rage.

“If you go back and look at what Marxism is, and what socialism is, there is nothing close to either one of them in the United States!” he snapped.

Beckel added that calling Obama a Marxist was “worse than Joe McCarthy calling people in the State Department a communist” and that Kupelian should apologize to the president.

But Beckel missed the point entirely, says Kupelian. During a guest appearance last week on “The Hagmann Report,” the WND vice president was asked about that particular on-air argument with Beckel. Kupelian observed that an entirely new form of Marxism has been insinuated into America’s major institutions in recent decades, one very different from the classic “workers-of-the-world-unite!” version Karl Marx espoused during the mid-19th century.

“Marx’s prophesied international workers’ revolution didn’t happen, except in Russia,” Kupelian explained to the Hagmann show hosts. “All the true-believer Marxists said, ‘What the hell happened? [The revolution] didn’t happen.’ But they were true believers, so they still had to believe in Marxism, so they created a new Marxism, and that neo-Marxism, which is exactly what Barack Obama was and is, [comes about] not by means of revolution, which is quickly; it’s by evolution.”

This neo-Marxism arrived in the United States in the 1930s via the Frankfurt School, Kupelian explained. Members of this group of Marxist theorists and philosophers believed they needed to undertake a “long march through the institutions” in order to transform America’s Christian culture and major institutions in their atheistic-Marxist image. This “long march” would include neo-Marxist infiltration of the churches, the grade schools, the universities, the news media and Hollywood, Kupelian said.

They seem to have done a very good job planting their worldview in the universities, Kupelian said, noting that last year, millions of American college students became almost cult followers of socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Why? Kupelian told the Hagmann Report audience that American students are simply not taught what makes America exceptional, about actual history and economics, about what makes families, cultures and nations thrive; rather, they are taught almost exclusively about the darkest aspects of American history, especially slavery, segregation and the seizing of Native American lands.

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