How To Know Before It Hits And Steps To Consider 2 Hours Prior A SHTF Event

Saturday, August 19, 2017
By Paul Martin
August 18, 2017

In any major disaster or SHTF situation, there will always be two critical forces that respond: the government and you.

Knowing what the government will do and what you should do are both critical. You need to know what action the local, state, and perhaps the federal government will take so you know what to expect, and you also need to know what you must do before disaster strikes so you aren’t caught off guard.

Government Response to a Disaster

The government will always play a critical role before and during an SHTF situation from at least the local and state levels, and in a large enough catastrophe, from the federal level as well.

This step-by-step process of how the government will usually react to large scale disasters should help clear things up for you:

First and foremost, the federal government will only lend assistance to the situation after an official request has been made by the governor of the state. The President of the United States will then have to make an official declaration of emergency, and at that point, the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) will then react as quickly as they can to the disaster. The primary goal of FEMA is to provide relief to everyone who has been affected by the extent to the disaster.

Before submitting a request for relief from the President, the governor of the state affected by the disaster will order a preliminary disaster report.The governor will then proceed to request that the President declare a state of emergency in the affected areas. It should be noted that while the governor can submit this request while the disaster is taking place, he or she can also submit the request before the disaster or when it is imminent (such as when it is obvious that a hurricane will soon strike the coastline).

Once the President has declared a state of emergency, he will be able to send funds to the local and state government to help provide relief to those affected. FEMA will engage the services of a dozen different departments at the federal level. The very act of the president declaring a disaster is a clear sign that the disaster is major and beyond the capabilities of the state or local government to handle in its own. In addition, the President will provide assistance to both private and public relief efforts.

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One Response to “How To Know Before It Hits And Steps To Consider 2 Hours Prior A SHTF Event”

  1. robert brewer

    I wish you had gone into what I must do before disaster strikes in more detail. How can I spot a coming disaster? What steps should I follow before the disaster? In these most uncertain times, how can a person know if a disaster is real or just fake news or does it make any difference?
    I have been prepping for more than two years, ever since I starting following the coming of Nibiru. Now with the turmoil and chaos in this country I see that it is even more important.

    Thank you for your site and the valuable information that is on it.
    God bless you and God bless the United State of America.


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