China Is Using North Korea As an Instrument to Start WW III

Sunday, August 6, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
August 5th, 2017

Recently, I conducted a meta-analysis of various headlines related to China’s preparations for war and how it relates to the present crisis in North Korea.

After connecting the dots, it is abundantly clear that China is preparing for with the United States and they are using North Korea as an instrument of their imperialistic aggression.

The following video connects the dots.

5 Responses to “China Is Using North Korea As an Instrument to Start WW III”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    1. Congrat’s RevolutionRadio … you’ve even beat out TheCommonSenseShow for most ads ad clutter pop ups and ads for the sake of ads. You’ve ruined your site. Take it from Drudge – ONE ad at top of page then a couple on sides that don’t cause delay in page loading.

    2. No China’s not using NK to start WWIII. See, when you try to do multiple posts EVERYDAY … you don’t have time to THINK. Slow down dude. And you’re nothing but a fake if you don’t allow comments you don’t agree with. You’re a “cultist.”

  2. I Have Never blocked ANYONES comments…Doing some upgrades on the website…will get that ad removed as soon as I can get to the tech team


  3. Mo in Alabama

    China is great at stealing stuff however, they should take care when prodding a country that gave the world wings and took to space in 200 years while china has been around for thousands. You better check your little fat friend before he gets your ass kicked. The American Spirit (not our governments) is something non-americans can’t begin to understand regardless of race. This is a Christian Nation. It’s a frame of mind and a condition of the heart. Our tolerance is at an end. Be warned, no matter your color or race.

  4. Mo in Alabama

    Hey R.E. LEE. You might have picked up some malware somewhere because I’m not getting the same issues. This is a good site. Sometimes I think
    Paul should post more! Good on ya Rev Radio.

  5. preper4

    Paul, Please stop posting articles By Dave Hodges.
    We know he is your friend, but he is a fake news.
    What else can I write without sounding belligerent?


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