American Cancer Society website literally suggests recipes that CAUSE cancer while the rest of us are fighting to prevent and cure it

Wednesday, August 2, 2017
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The number one fuel that creates cancer cells and causes them to spread throughout the human body is food that contains chemicals. Processed sugar, insecticides, herbicides, nitrates in meat, hormones in meat and dairy, artificial sweeteners and genetically modified “anything” just begins the laundry list of American foods that are manufactured, dosed and processed with carcinogenic, cell-mutating chemicals that cause the uncontrolled multiplication of deadly cells in the human body. Consuming these non-natural concoctions is literally a “recipe for disaster,” and the very organizations that claim they’re searching “for the cure” are recommending we eat more chemicals, even while we are battling cancer. If that’s not the most insidious scheme on planet earth, then we all better wake up fast and smell the toxic coffee that’s brewing right under our noses.

Recipes for disaster as recommended by the American Cancer-Causing Society – the infamous “ACS”

Did you know that nearly 30 percent of all ACS money goes directly into the deep pockets of the CEOs, their administrators and their managers? Yes, causing cancer is big business, so the American Cancer Society (ACS) has set up over 3,000 offices across our pesticide-laden country, where cryptic scam organizations sponsor their “Relay For Life” and the “Great American Smoke-out.” Are you donating your hard earned money to the filthy rich CEO of ACS, John Seffrin, who snagged a cool $2.2 million salary from the “charity” back in 2010?

Plus, back in 1995, the Arizona chapter of ACS was exposed for using 95 percent of its donations for paying salaries and “overhead” costs. The ACS goes out of its way to attack reports about toxins in foods that lead to human cell mutation and suffocation. It’s time we all ask ourselves, are we supporting the war against cancer or the war FOR cancer?

Instead of simply promoting cancer-causing foods, the ACS promotes them for Americans to consume DURING their cancer treatment

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