The Planned Destruction Of America: “If They Can’t Collapse It Internally They’ll Attack The U.S. Externally”

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
By Paul Martin

Jeremiah Johnson
July 18th, 2017

From within and from without. Before our very eyes, we are seeing actions taking place both within the U.S. domestically and outside of it. The scripted plans were set into motion decades ago, and are seeing fruition now, with increases in activities leading toward the planned downfall of the U.S. The architects follow a very “Orwellian” pattern: it isn’t important who takes the reins of power, if that power is used to promulgate the continually leftward-moving paradigm shift and the continuance of power. These oligarchs are globalists who wish to remove the national boundaries except to use the governments in an administrative fashion to control the masses.

Sound radical? It is, as in “Rules for Radicals,” by Saul Alinsky, in a concept known as “organizing the organized.” In such a fashion, the oligarchy will control the population through the captains…the “duly-elected” commander of the ship of fools. The apparatus of the military and police being already in place in the nation, then it is just a matter of appropriating that apparatus to use it as a control mechanism and enforce the totalitarianism. It is not a new story. So why is this era different?

Technology. The technology to monitor hundreds of millions of human beings on CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras. The technology to keep track of every person…every item purchased and the funds spent, as well as the balance in the bank account and the source of the income.

“What is your source of income, citizen? Where is this money here coming from? Oh, you claimed not to be able to pay your traffic ticket, but we have you right here at 10 pm on camera withdrawing $20 from the ATM next to your house.”

Everyone carries around their personal monitors, the personal tracking device of the cellular telephone. Almost everyone. I was amazed the other day as a man showed some friends of mine how there’s an app on his cellular telephone that allows you to see a heat signature…yes, thermal imaging! of a person standing just 10 feet away from him. I was amazed because this is on some average person’s cellular phone, now.

These oligarchs and politicians who had their start as children weaned on the milk of the poisonous Frankfurt Economic School teachings…the creators of the Warburg’s and Rothschilds, who readily embrace Moore’s “Utopia,” while scoffing at the world’s billions whom they fully intend on destroying. Utopias are expensive, with a cost in removal of undesirables.

Technology will help propel the New World Order into existence.

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