Thousands Of Nurses Rise Up In Defiance Of Big Pharma’s Flu Shot Threats

Monday, July 17, 2017
By Paul Martin

Baxter Dmitry
July 17, 2017

More than 22,000 nurses in the United States are risking their jobs by taking a stand against Big Pharma and refusing to submit to the flu shot – a vaccine that the CDC admitted is ineffective.

Nurses who refuse to be inoculated with the seasonal flu vaccine have ben forced to wear face masks when working on the wards, and now face being fired if they do not submit to Big Pharma and receive the flu shot.

The nurses, who have mobilized to form Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccinations to fight the corporate powers that rule their industry, claim the face masks are demeaning and ineffective, as well as an infringement of their constitutional rights.

Not only is this a human rights violation, it is also an EEOC violation.

Pointing out that the flu vaccine’s effectiveness has been called into question many times, the nurses are willing to lose their jobs rather than submit to Big Pharma and the government’s increasingly authoritarian stance on mandatory vaccinations.

“We believe that we have a moral duty to protest against mandatory vaccinations and stop the normalization of the idea in society. It is an infringement of our constitutional rights and has not even been proven effective,” a spokesperson said.

Claiming that they are being punished for daring to stand up to Big Pharma, the nurses point out that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has even admitted that this season’s flu vaccine will not work in preventing the flu for more than 50% of people who receive the vaccination.

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  1. H.T.

    Truth: The U.S. Government Is the Biggest Drug Dealer in the World!

    To include:

    The fourth largest asset class owned by the Vatican is founding
    industry and controlling stocks in a narrow class of industries related to arms manufacture, military support and pharmaceuticals including strategic financial relationships with the international trade of illegal drugs.

    2. Through these strategic investments, the Roman Catholic Church is by far the single largest arms dealer, profiteer from conflict, profiteer from the growth of the pharmaceutical industry as well as single largest recipient of illegal drug money of any organization in the history of the World….

    ALSO – An Article from

    It’s more than hypocritical for any member of the government to denounce marijuana in the name of public health while millions of Americans puff away on cancer-causing tobacco products, especially given the number of conditions and diseases that can be treated with cannabis. But when it comes to Jeff Sessions, this hypocrisy is taken to a whole other level. Sessions was a shill for Big Tobacco back in the 90s and fought against the litany of lawsuits facing the tobacco industry. But this… this is the man we’re supposed to believe is concerned about public health?

    I understand Session’s is invested in the Prison Industry as well…

  2. D

    FINALLY!! Someone, and in this case a group of someones, has the fortitude to stand up against Big Pharma, the CDC, and all the other fake, phony, and false medical hyprocity in this Country. Bring it on! More of us need to stand up to defend our right to alternative medicine of we do choose.


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