Electronic Snoops Who Watch Everything

Saturday, July 15, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Catherine J. Frompovich
JULY 15, 2017

One of the more prevalent minor ‘crimes’ or pranks that occurred when I was a very young girl was someone peeking in your window, especially at night. That really shook up people, as it was considered such an invasion of one’s dignity and privacy. Those who usually perpetrated the ‘crime’ were males who apparently had some sort of mental challenges going on, but not addressed properly. As a result, those who did such “dastardly” acts were referred to as “Peeking Toms.” No one in his or her rightful mind would do such a thing, while society didn’t like nor approve of it.

So what’s happened, especially since today everything we do is tracked and/or surveilled? How does that happen? you may be asking. It’s all done by willful and deliberate cooperation of those who sign up to be tracked and surveilled. However, there are some surveillance techniques and snooping going on most people may not be aware of.

Every time anyone makes a cell phone call; makes a credit card purchase; uses one of the Apps that makes life so easy; uses transponders on their cars to pay highway tolls; or uses any high tech device with an RFID chip in it, consumers are being tracked.

However, there is one overall Big Brother surveillance device most people don’t even know they have snooping around inside their homes; it’s their newly retrofitted electric AMI Smart Meter, which tracks all appliance usage and catalogs individual’s monthly data to sell for marketing purposes. Check out the algorithm “Onzo” [4] to understand how that works. However, the terrific infomercial explaining Onzo at this URL address has been taken down https://youtu.be/uluKjzqHDz0?t=3 . I wonder if all the times I gave Onzo exposure in my articles has been responsible for the video being taken down, as it really explained the surveillance of smart meters extremely well, and in less than 3 minutes too.

The citizens of Naperville, Illinois, took on the AMI Smart Meter surveillance issue and offered,

Warrantless collection of smart meter data (beyond that necessary for the basic delivery of electric service) without consent is an illegal and unreasonable “search,” regardless of whether or how that data is later analyzed or used. [2]

However, in a legal brief filed in that Naperville AMI SM case, smart meter proponents stated:

A smart meter is not an ‘unreasonable’ search, but is a very reasonable means of advancing significant government interests. [3]

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  1. Meme-meme

    Dear, I wore a skirt one day shopping at a drug store, went over to look at the magazines–this was in the early sixties when people still read magazines, and I felt something tickle me. I looked down and a fellow was on his hands and knees looking up my skirt. I kicked him and ran.

    Same thing now, RUN… Don’t drive on highways and pay tolls, don’t shop with credit cards, use cash, toss your cell phone, stop watching TV and read books you buy with cash. Don’t pay for your torture!


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