Are There Patents To Manipulate The Human Nervous System Using Electromagnetic Frequencies?

Saturday, July 15, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Catherine J. Frompovich
JULY 15, 2017

With all the “fake news,” propaganda and scares to taint impressionable minds with, one has to wonder is there any real news fit to print, to know or to do something with or about?

Well, I just happen to have been “gifted” with a website link “Justia Patents,” which details some of the patents and patents pending for inventions by Hendricus G. Loos that deal with manipulating the human nervous system by the use of electromagnetic fields!

Who is Hendricus G. Loos? According to the website “Quora,” Loos may be a fictitious name that does not belong to a person! Since 1978, Dr. Henry Loos, or Dr. Hank Loos, has been awarded 11 U.S. patents for devices that aim to manipulate the human nervous system. Some of the patents include:

USP# 3009080- Apparatus and method for generating and containing plasma having ultra high temperatures.
USP# 4245909- An optical instrument for measurement of particle size distribution.
USP# 6238333- Remote magnetic manipulation of nervous systems.
USP# 6091994- Pulsative manipulation f nervous systems.
USP# 5782874- Method and apparatus for manipulating nervous system.
USP# 6017302- Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous system.
USP# 6506148-Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitor.

All devices are used for Mind Control projects run by CIA or other intelligence agencies. A group of researchers (under the name Dr H Loos) were actually a group of hired professionals for researching and inventing such devices which could be developed and used for mass mind control, PSYOPS, behaviour modification later by CIA. [1] [CJF emphasis]

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  1. Strayhorse

    I work with seriously mentally ill adults and there are numerous cases of those who were diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia without ANY genetic or per-psychosocial indicators of previous mental health markers. These men and woman site symptoms and experiences that smack of involuntary exposure and experimentation of brain wave interruptions through invasive exposures to electromagnetic trauma. There have been suggestions of military, black ops grade, 007-type Q, 4-5G electromagnetics. Very disruptive, where a person can be in a crowd of people and the target can be forced to experience audio and visual hallucinations as if they were real, AND NO BODY AROUND THEM WOULD HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON. 21st century MK-Ultra.


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