‘Doomsday’ Alert: Tornado Struck Hard Blow on US Nuke-Proof Planes

Saturday, June 24, 2017
By Paul Martin


A fierce tornado damaged at least 10 US jets including the US Air Force “Doomsday” plane at Offutt base (Nebraska). A representative of the US Air Force reported that the incident occurred on June 16 but was made public on June 24.

The tornado struck a hard blow at half of the Pentagon’s fleet of four E-4B Nightwatch aircraft — popularly known as the “Doomsday” plane.

The Boeing E-4B Nightwatch is intended for national emergency situations or an attack.

It is specifically designated for the security of the US president, defense minister and other members of the US military leadership in the event of a nuclear war.

The US was the first to create such aircraft and test atomic weapons. The US felt that the beginning of a third world war with Russia was just around the corner after the USSR gained victory over Germany.

The first ‘Doomsday’ aircraft was built on the basis of the Boeing 747-200. It was called the Boeing E-4B.

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