Schools Are Training Our Children to be Global Serfs

Saturday, May 27, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
May 27th, 2017

ocial Justice Warriors (SJW) are conquering the minds of American school children to the point where by the time our little darlings reach college age,they are seeking to spread their flavor liberal retardation to all.

Many are now familiar with the stunningly moronic events which have taken place at Evergreen State College in which a white college professor has been set upon for showing up to his campus on a student declared “no whites day” in which all whites were to vacate the campus in protest to so-called “white privilege”. When Professor Weinstein announced he would not honor the declaration, and showed up to do his job, he was set upon and threatened by the students.

During the verbal assault and physical harassment of the professor, the campus police encountered a student barricade at the doors of the building where Weintein was being besieged. Rather than the police doing what should have been done, which was to sneak around to the side of the building and sneak in to see if the professor was still alive (ie your law enforcement dollars at work).

Meanwhile, the spineless college president hid in his office rather than take control of his campus. The chicken (bleep) local chief of police has stated that Weinstein must stay away because he is not safe. Do you recall your American History? When the Supreme Court ordered the schools desegregated, President Eisenhower sent in the National Guard and the Army to protect the black children from harm as Central High School in Little Rock was desegregated. But a white professor is not entitled to police protection from either campus police or the local police because his race is white. What’s next? Should these hooligan and criminal students be allowed to get out the rope and lynch this professor because he would not honor a day of reverse racism on his campus. Has Jim Crow come full circle? Has the violence and nonsensical logic of the left manifested itself in a leftist version of the KKK, only now white professors are the targets of this new flavor of racism.

An outraged public has expressed disgust at these events. However, the consequences of these actions needs to go farther. As the father of a high school honor student, my wife and will perform our due diligence and we would never support our son to to a college such as this. Unfortunately, there are many colleges like this and parents much really do their homework. Secondly, as the owner of a small business, I will never hire someone from Evergreen State College or from Texas A&M where a professor stated that some whites are going to have to die in order for white privilege to end. And of course, I wrote an article describing how the Univerity of Arizona was hiring social justice warriors to spy and report on students with “incorrect views”. To me, there are no legitimate degrees held by students who graduate from institutions such as these.

Can one only imagine what an employee educated under these kinds of circumstances? You would be hiring overt racists, students who think they have the right to break the laws to further their agenda, students who use verbal and physical intimidation in order to advance an illegitimate cause and students who will play the victim card when they are confronted with their own bad deeds. Yes, that is correct, these students ran out of the building where they had trapped the professor and claimed they felt as if they were in danger as they ran to their self-described LGBT safe place at the library where they barricaded themselves in. And not one one of these thugs were arrested but I will bet you that this professor eventually loses his job.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what college life is like in many of our campuses across America.

Unfortunately, the ultra-liberal behaviors we are seeing across America, did not just spring up. This is the result of centralized, federal education programs that have changed an entire generation and made them forsake traditional American values.

Re-Education Camps and the Children

Your child has been sentenced and has served nearly a year of their 12 year sentence to a re-education camp. No, we are not talking about a FEMA camp, but we may as well be.

As corrupt as the IRS is, the Department of Education poses a bigger threat to our nation than does the IRS. We, as a nation, will always have the opportunity to earn our money back. However, when our children miss out on key stages of critical learning, there is often no recovery of what could have been regarding the acquisition of knowledge and key skills such as reading and writing. Our federalized Education system is rotten to the core, the Common Core, that is.

Common Core is the latest of the educational fad programs which is supposedly designed to raise American school children’s academic performance. I am very disheartened that Trump has not abolished Common Core, which he promised to do. This program is insidious and bad for students and America at its core. Today, too many schools have stifled the legitimate intellectual growth of their students to the point that when they arrive on college campuses, such as Evergreen State College, they are ripe for the ultra-left propaganda that they are now forced to contend with. They have had 12 years of practice and the origins of the modern day intellectual concentration camps that are commonly known as the Common Core program.

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