Royal Navy warship ‘attacks enemy drone’ with Viper missile as UK prepares for war

Friday, May 19, 2017
By Paul Martin

A ROYAL Navy warship obliterated a drone travelling at 500mph in heart-stopping footage of a military drill off the coast of Scotland.

By Joshua Nevett
19th May 2017

Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond made short work of the Mirach drone as it blew it to smithereens with its Sea Viper missile system.

The test launch, which took place in the Outer Hebrides, in northern Scotland, was a simulation of a projectile attack from an enemy.

Smoke and fire filled the skies as the missile flew at four times the speed of sound to destroy the aircraft.

The Ministry of Defence said the successful test proves the £1billion, 7,500-tonne warship is ready for battle.

Commander Ben Keith, the commanding officer of Portsmouth-based HMS Diamond, said: “An explosion in the sky marked the missile destroying her target, all in all the culmination of another successful week’s work for HMS Diamond.

“I am immensely proud of my team and the work they put in over the past few weeks to make this test firing possible.

“We have proven once again that the Type 45 destroyer is a world-beating ship when it comes to air defence and this firing gives us the utmost confidence in Diamond and her systems in advance of our deployment later this year.”

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