Deep State Amerika and the Impeachment of President Trump…(DEEP Into Page 2!)

Friday, May 19, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
May 19th, 2017

I am being forced to answer a very fundamental question. Which America do I want to live in?

Do I want to live under the rule of law as governed by a Constitutional Republic? Or, do I want to live under a system of secret governance in which graft, greed, corruption, victimization of the vulnerable and murder are the tools of governance.

Donald Trump is may not survive the summer. That means America has been disenfranchised . This means that we are being told that you will live in an America that is solely controlled by the Deep State as opposed to a Constitutional Republic.

Special Prosecutor Appointed to Investigate Imaginary Violations of Law with NO PROOF of Any Wrongdoing

In response to the announcement that President Trump was going to be the source of a special prosecutor’s investigation, he released a number of tweets. Trump labeled the investigation into his campaign’s close ties with Russia “the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!”

Trump followed up with more expressions of outrage as he posted, “With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special “counsel” appointed!” Trump’s furious response contradicted the White House’s effort in which they claimed that he was reacting calmly to the announcement of a special counsel.

The New York Times reported early Thursday a detailed description of an account of Trump’s initial response to the media. Just who is leaking to the NYT? Just 30 minutes before the country knew, the White House was informed the Justice Department would be appointing a special counsel.

The Anticipated Allegations Against Trump

Up until now, Trump is accused of treason as it is alleged that he revealed classified information to the Russians. The CSS previously reported that Putin is on the record as having stated that Clinton and the CIA created ISIS. As the CSS published 3 days ago, Putin is on the record of accusing, among others, of possessing an elite pedophile, child-sex-trafficking rings. Putin and Trump planned to cooperate on this issues. Trump and Putin are attempting to cooperate on terrorism. The Deep State has too much to hide. Trump and Putin cannot be allowed to cooperate on anything because it threatens the Deep State agenda (i.e. moving the US closer to war with Russia and the continued facilitation of the heinous crime of child-sex-trafficking. These reasons are clearly the motivation against these baseless allegations against President Trump.

I would also add that most certainly, our interviews with Scott Bennett and my own investigation into LaFarge and Clinton’s payouts to the newly formed ISIS legitimizes these allegations of treason and sedition. Simply use the CSS search engine with the above search terms to read the voluminous material that supports these established violations of law which includes treason against the people of the United States. Again, where was the special prosecutor for Hillary and Obama?

It is further alleged that Trump engaged in obstruction of justice based solely on the claims of the former FBI director, James Comey, who had just been summarily fired by Trump.

There is a third allegation that is now surfacing that is so incredulous and baseless that it is difficult to write these words without breaking into hysterical laughter. It is now being reported that Senate Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R. CA) made the baseless accusation which essentially states that “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Trump.” This was recorded on a June 15, 2016 recorded discussion with other Republicans in which Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was present and the topic was the Presidential election. So now, the fact-checkers are supposed to believe that Trump is taking bribes from Putin?

Tucker Carlson’s Revealing Interview with a Democratic Troll

The Rest…HERE

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  1. Robert Edward Lee

    What part of having to form a NEW country don’t you understand ??? This one’s SHOT. We need to re-boot The Confederate States YESTERDAY. It’ll be scary though … libtards will call you a name !!!! Oooooooo.

    Leagueofthesouth and Vdare


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