ISIS collecting WMD hoard capable of killing MILLIONS – US claims

Thursday, May 18, 2017
By Paul Martin

ISIS is gearing up for its biggest terror attack yet by stashing lethal WMDs capable of wiping out millions , the US has said.

By George Martin
18th May 2017

The US intelligence community believes the terror cult is setting up an advanced WMD unit made up of crack scientists from Iraq and Syria.

The boffins are said to be working together to create a deadly arsenal of weapons capable of wiping out its enemies.

ISIS has used chemical weapons in previous attacks and the US warned it could be gearing up for its biggest yet.

The chemical weapon cell is likely to operate from within Syria but could expand its operations internationally, CNN said citing US officials on Wednesday.

The US-led military coalition has not officially confirmed the information, the media noted.

But according to reports, jihadis carried out more than 15 chemical attacks in Iraq since the middle of April.

On April 16 jihadis used chlorine and mustard gas in an attack on Iraqi forces in Mosul.

ISIS is nearing defeat in the middle east having lost the key strategic city of Mosul in Iraq.

Its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has also gone into hiding with world authorities frantically hunting him down.

Last month it was reported the jihadi group were planning on setting up a new capital city to be the scene of a bloodbath last stand.

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