Children as young as five are being sold to paedophiles by their own MOTHERS in the Philippines, shocking TV investigation reveals

Thursday, May 18, 2017
By Paul Martin

In the latest Stacey Dooley Investigates the reporter heads to the Philippines
She spends time with an undercover agent who had spent two years gathering evidence on two sisters, who advertised their children to paedophiles
The secret Homeland task force used a sting operation to arrest the women
Stacey is left horrified when one of the women blame the crimes on the children

18 May 2017

A shocking documentary has shed light on the mothers caught selling access to their own children to paedophiles.

In the latest installment of Stacey Dooley Investigates, the London-born presenter travelled to the Phillipines to film the documentary Mums Selling Their Kids For Money.

In harrowing scenes from the episode two women who have several children between them – some as young as five years old – are seen accepting money in exchange for access to the youngsters.

Despite the damning evidence, when the mothers are arrested by undercover Homeland Security Investigations officers, they shockingly attempt to blame the crimes on the children instead.

In her latest documentary for BBC Three, Stacey also met women who sexually abuse their own children on webcams.

Not only do the mothers featured abuse their children live for paedophiles across the globe, but they also traffic their children for hands-on abuse to travelling paedophiles – many of whom come from the US and the UK.

Stacey, who has spent a decade making films for BBC Three, spends time with an undercover Homeland agent named ‘Mike’.

Mike has made contact with the women by creating a fake persona, and to gather the evidence he needed he asked the women what they would allow their children do.

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