America’s Civil War II

Thursday, May 18, 2017
By Paul Martin

Finian Cunningham

Civil wars are perhaps the most tragic and bitter, when a country goes to war on itself – and it’s brother against brother, homesteads destroyed by other compatriots.

Today, the United States of America seems to be at war with itself again. Not yet an all-out bloodletting as in the Civil War of 1861-65, but nevertheless the nation seems to be plunging into an internecine process of shredding itself, pulling down the very edifice of the state.

There’s even reports of married couples splitting in divorce because of the growing political divisions.

The governing business of running the country is held hostage by incessant political scrapping; the institutions of governance appear in meltdown from eroding authority.
This time around, it’s not northern states versus the south, or over industrialists wanting to usurp landowners, or moral questions of race and slavery. The current war is due to powerful factions within the political class not willing to accept the election of Donald Trump.

Trump was not supposed to win the presidential election in November 2016, as far as ruling class elements were concerned. His Democrat rival Hillary Clinton was the favored candidate owing to her deep connections to the foreign policy establishment and corporate news media.

Trump’s avowed stance to normalize relations with Russia was the number-one bugbear for the US establishment which preferred Clinton’s more hawkish outlook as part of extending its global hegemonic ambitions.
As always, the American ruling class is variegated. No doubt there are powerful Wall Street and corporate factions among American capital that are indifferent about the actual election result, or perhaps even rather pleased by it. Trump, so far, seems to be rather disposed to pandering to corporate America with generous tax-breaks for the wealthy, so there is no problem there for many among the American ruling class.

Where the problem arises is more within the political class of foreign policy establishment, straddling the Republican-Democrat career politicians in Washington, the intelligence community and the security-military apparatus, the CIA, Pentagon and their assets or class sympathizers within the corporate media. This is the deep state complex, although not all within the deep state may hold the same hostile view of Trump. Enough evidently do in order to sustain a political war against Trump’s presidency.

The whole Russia-gate “scandal” just keeps running and running regardless of objective proof. Never, it seems, has so much political and media time been spent on a nebulous issue which has such negligible substance. It’s a classic case of tilting at windmills.

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