Trump Is Going After Pedophilia to Dislodge the Deep State In a Stunningly Brilliant Move

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
May 16th, 2017

Child sex trafficking researcher, Liz Crokin and I compared notes from our independent investigations and a clear pattern emerged. Although it is not widely reported, Trump, through AG Jeff Sessions is going after pdeophilia with a vengenance.

Lis and I both feel strongly, and have been told, that Abedin, Weiner and possible Comey will be turning State’s evidence. .

This is a brilliant strategy and it explains why some of the establishment are nervous that Trump is talking with Putin. And guess what? Putin is also on rampage against the practice as well. Here is the story.

2 Responses to “Trump Is Going After Pedophilia to Dislodge the Deep State In a Stunningly Brilliant Move”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Good … but it needs to viral FAST along with anything else Trump has on THE SWAMP. Trump – Get with Alex Jones Roger Stone and John Rappaport and over the next 48 hours UNLOAD VIRAL VIDEOS EXPOSING EVERYTHING !!!!! GO SOLDIER GO !!!!!! KICK THOSE SATANIC ASSES !!!!

  2. Strayhorse

    Kushner is a sayanim. My descendants have been natural born in America for over 400 years. If anyone needs to help Trump Make America Great Again, Trump needs to tap me and my family for help. Screw the sayanims. Pledging allegiance clearly showed who was 100% American and who owes allegiance to others i.e. dual citizenship. Even Israel requires citizens to swear allegiance to Israel. Why not Americans? If you are a dual citizen you should not EVER, EVER have a U.S. federal, state, country, city government job! EVER Is Kushner a dual Israeli-American citizen? Hmmmmmm!


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