Elite Pedophile Ring Victim Details Sickening Abuse At Hands Of Cabal

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
By Paul Martin

Baxter Dmitry
May 16, 2017

Many of the world’s most powerful political leaders and aristocrats belong to an elite pedophile ring, according to Anneke Lucas, who has bravely come forward with details about her own experience of ritual abuse at the hands of the cabal.

Anneke Lucas, now 53, was sold into the elite pedophile ring at the age of six, and endured five years of torture and abuse before she was deemed “of no use anymore” and was scheduled to be murdered.

Recalling her sickening abuse, Anneke Lucas said:

“I was raped many, many, many times. I don’t have any scars to show how many times I was raped. Usually it was a full night and weekend and so I gathered I was raped for about six hours a week – more than 1,700 hours before I reached the age of 12.”

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: “I was first taken to the pedophile ring when I was six by a woman who worked as a cleaning lady for my mother.

“She and her husband took me away for a weekend to babysit me and it was her husband who took me to the pedophile ring.

“Later on, my mother got involved and then she started to take me herself. My mother was never really a mother. She was a very sick woman and a psychopath.”

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