China Is About To Unleash A New Global Monetary System

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
By Paul Martin
May 15, 2017

In case anyone was wondering what the Chinese government is thinking, they are about to unleash a new global monetary system.

The Greatest Bull Market In Gold
Stephen Leeb: “If you’re a gold investor fretting at the metal’s seeming drowsiness, don’t worry. A lot has been happening lately that brings us closer to the launch of a great bull market in gold that will be unmatched in its sweep and longevity. The biggest mistake you can make now would be to get shaken out of your gold (and silver) positions if gold continues to tread water or possibly even dips below $1,200. The second-biggest mistake would be to not take advantage of near-term weakness to add to your holdings…

Stephen Leeb continues: “It’s no surprise that the recent developments involve China, which on multiple fronts has been busy creating the conditions for a new monetary system connected to gold. For starters, China, which has been procrastinating on launching a new oil benchmark traded in yuan, now seems inclined to move more swiftly. I’ve long believed such a benchmark is a necessary (though perhaps not sufficient) condition for a new monetary system. But whenever it seemed imminent, China would pull back. In January, China appeared to put the whole idea on hold with no indication of when, or even whether, the Shanghai International Energy Exchange would trade yuan-based oil future contracts.

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