Police officers are now ‘demoralized’, scared to fight back and no longer being proactive as they believe anti-cop sentiment has become the ‘new norm’, claims FBI

Thursday, May 4, 2017
By Paul Martin

Cops are now frightened to be proactive in their jobs, a new report claims
They are less likely to interact with communities or stop suspicious cars
Some even let themselves be beaten up because they don’t want to fight back
That’s because they feel paralyzed by anti-cop sentiment, FBI report claims
That anger is the result of a string of shootings of black men by white cops
Report says cops believe their assailants feel more empowered to attack them
It also claims decriminalization leaves drug abusers feeling invulnerable

4 May 2017

Cops are turning away from proactive policing after high-profile shootings of unarmed black men led to a wave of anti-police sentiment, the FBI has reported.

The bureau, which looked at the slayings of officers in 50 incidents last year, said cops are now ‘scared’, ‘demoralized’ and frightened to do their duty because they worry about being filmed by witnesses.

That has led to suspects becoming more likely to fight back, putting the cops’ lives at risk, the report – obtained by The Washington Times – claimed.

The report claimed that police are less inclined to interact with communities or perform ‘pretext stops’ – in which cars are searched for drugs or guns on the pretext of a minor traffic violation – making them purely reactive.

Some refused to fight back even when being beaten up, for fear of how it might look in the media, it claimed.

The FBI looked at 50 of the 53 incidents of fatal violence against cops last year; the others were excluded because they involved minors or unknown perpetrators.

It found that a just under a third of the killers were motivated by a desire to ‘kill law enforcement’ – as in the deadly attacks against police in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

All of them said they were distrustful of police due to their own experiences and a string of reports of killings of black men by white cops.

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