John McAfee’s New Invention Is Taking The Fight To The CIA

Monday, May 1, 2017
By Paul Martin

Baxter Dmitry
May 1, 2017

Never afraid of speaking truth to power and educating the masses about the powers that be, crazy but brilliant John McAfee has taken it upon himself to release the world’s first truly private smartphone.

Four years ago, Edward Snowden’s disclosures that federal government agencies were hacking America’s leading technology companies threw the industry into turmoil.

Now WikiLeaks has shaken the tech world again by releasing documents that show the CIA has an array of cyberweapons that are used to break into Apple and Android smartphones, Windows computers, car systems, and even smart TVs to conduct surveillance on unwitting users.

Internet security guru John McAfee decided it was his duty to build and release a smartphone that consumers can trust.

“Enormous investment in hardware costs have gone into this,” McAfee says, adding that the handset, which cost “millions” to develop, has a bank of switches on the back cover which enable the user to physically disconnect the battery, the antennas for Wi-Fi, geolocation, and Bluetooth.

Ubergizmo reports: The switches can also be used to disconnect the camera and microphone. “It also will not allow the phone to connect to a Stingray or any other IMSI catcher device. In addition, it contains a web search anonymizer,” he explains.

McAfee is planning to release the John McAfee Privacy Phone later this year under the umbrella of MGT which is a cybersecurity firm that he heads.

This product isn’t geared towards the average consumer, seeing as how it costs $1,100, it will be marketed to enterprise customers.

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