When Alt Media Acts Like Mainstream Media, We Disgrace Ourselves…(5th Hack 12:25)

Saturday, April 29, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
April 29th, 2017

Before I get the following off of my chest, I want to declare the priorities of The Common Sense Show.

1.Inform and educate.
2.Restore the founding principles of Christianity to our lost nation.
3.To re-establish and preserve the Constitution as the law of the land.
4.To provide a voice for those who are not able to do so for themselves.

My forums of expression will never represent the TMZ’s, cheap, tabloid journalism which seeks to exploit the misfortunes of the rich and famous solely for the purpose of ratings.

We are facing a monolithic enemy that is well-equipped and well-funded and they are dedicated to tearing down everything my enterprise stands for. They are evil in nature and devoid of any redeeming moral or spiritual values. They do not hesitate to start wars for profit that kill millions and one day could kill billions. They use resources as a weapon (e.g. food). They hate Jesus and will not be satisfied until we live in Hell on a daily basis. I am fighting a war and do not have the time, nor desire to divert my attention away from my founding principles.

Tabloid Journalism

I am deeply disturbed by a trend I see in some Independent Media publications. I am seeing an increasing amount of sensationalism that represents what shows like TMZ and Inside Edition are trying to accomplish with their tabloid journalism.

We, in the Independent Media, have a special obligation to our profession. Our nation is lost, it has become hedonistic at best. I believe, as many do, that we are a nation under judgment. This is accompanied by the fact that many of us in the Independent Media are under intense scrutiny. We are accused of being Russian spies and purveyors of “fake news”. We are being visited by the millions from people who don’t know a legitimate conspiracy from a coincidence. What many do know is that CNN, Fox, ABC, et al., lie and they lie all the time. These people, in various states of ignorance, are passing by our publication sites to see if there is anything that separates us from the corporate controlled media. And when we engage in TMZ style journalism, we send the clear message that we are just as disgusting and shallow as the mainstream media.

Alex Jones

I know most of the more well-known people in the Independent Media. Many of these people are friends of mine. Conversely, I do not know Alex Jones. I have never spoken to Alex Jones. He has never been on my show, nor have I been on his show. Therefore, I am not an Alex Jones apologist in way, shape or form. Subsequently, one should take very seriously what I am about to say in the following paragraphs.

I am disgusted and angered by the negative attention being paid to personal matters involving the Alex Jones’ family. I was visiting on well-known controversial website last night and saw a number of articles that were making fun of Alex and his perceived misfortune. One article was entitled “10 WTF Moments…” which was related to Alex’s dissolution of marriage and child custody issues.

I lost my father and my best friend 32 years ago. Recently, on the anniversary of his passing, I wondered if he would be proud of me. And when we are honest with ourselves, we realize how far short of the glory of God that we all fall. These moments are humbling and all we can do is look up and promise to try and do better. And when I look at what some people in the Independent Media are putting the Jones family through, I deeply distressed and saddened at our collective shallow display of compassion for people who are hurting.

Judge not, lest YOU be judged.

Rather than condemning Alex and his family, we should be praying for and supporting them in any way possible. For you so-called journalists that think that someone’s misfortunes in their family are fair-game for reporting, let me remind that you are hurting the Jones children. Do you realize when you write your vile judgments, that these children have to go to school and face peers who can be incredibly cruel?

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