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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
April 24th, 2017

Sometimes, when is looking for trouble on the right, they get sucker punched from the left.

The world is focused on Korea. However, the real action is taking place in Syria. The Russians have quietly escalated the conflict and Turkey and Israel have responded in kind.

Russia Ready to Insert Combat Troops Into Syria

Temporarily, while the world is focused on Korea, we see slight of hand in Syria. The Russians, not to be upstaged by the new military and foreign policy alliance between China and the U.S., has managed to advance their own agenda.

The Russians have also announced that they are prepared militarize Syria with RUSSIAN troops.Further they have announced that they are continuing to beef up Syria’s air defenses in an obvious anticipation of U.S. air attacks against the Assad regime. Many will interpret this escalation by Russia as a line-in-the-sand move which pushes the world that much closer to World War III.

Russia Is Winning the Moral High Ground

Even while Russia announces plans to futher escalate the conflict in Syria through the intended introduction of Russian ground troops, the Russians have still managed to maintain the moral high ground.

Former President Eisenhower warned the American people about what would happen if the American people did not stop the advancement of the military industrial complex and its control over our government. These consequences have never been more in evidence than they are with the present state of affairs between Russia and the United States.

Russia is calling for a true and independent investigation into the chemical weapons attack in Syria. At the behest of the neocons, Trump jumped to an unqualfied position and unilaterally attacked Syria. On the surface, who appears to be pursuing the reasonable course of action here? This lessens the possibillity that international pressure can be brought on Russia to change course in Syria.

The Russians have also expressed a desire for a peaceful resolution to the multiple crises in places like Yemen and the Middle East. On the other hand, the American government wants to continue to pursue a reckless policy of endless wars of occupation and undeserved resource allocations which are then transferred into private party hands on Wall Street. If there is a better definition of US fascism, I have not seen it.

History shows, that I am no fan of Putin. However, there is no question that the corrupt relationship between US foreign policy and Wall Street profits, have once again taken center stage in Syria and the Russians are taking full advantage while, at the same time, advancing their cause of militarizing Syria. Checkmate Russia!

Turkey and Israel Escalating War Preparations

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