The First Hundred Days- Will There Be a Next 100 Days?

Saturday, April 22, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
April 22nd, 2017

The following is an analysis of where America is at in relation to the Trump presidency. Before commencing, it is important to emphasize that I am NOT an apologist for Donald J. Trump. My loyalties are confined to my dedication to following the word of Jesus Christ. I am also loyal to the United States Constitution because I believe the expressed values contained, therein, provide the largest amount of people the freedom necessary to live productive lives.

One question we should all be asking ourselves, not matter what we perceive as the first hundred days, will there even be a next hundred days?

Prediction of a Quagmire

During the campaign, as it became apparent to many of us in the Independent Media, that Trump was going to win the election because the public had largely become educated to Clinton’s serial criminality. The only question that remained in the minds of many of us covering the election was if the massive voter fraud being perpetuated by the would be enough to overturn the election. In looking back, it should have been, but I have come to believe that Divine Providence played a major role in the election of President Trump. Steve Quayle expressed it best when he said on my radio show “that Donald Trump is God’s special prosecutor”.

The American Public

Many Trump supporters have jumped off his bandwagon. They naively expected the opposition that has hijacked our country to their benefit to merely lie down and capitulate to the New American Order. The happy endings in the Disney movies are not reality. All Trump’s election provided was for a nation, that I have come to believe, was under judgment for our hedonistic practices.

In reality, all the election did was to provide the people with no previous voice to get into the game. Instead, what we have done is what Americans have been doing for a long time, NOTHING.

When Trump first announced his candidacy, I wrote an article detailing how Trump is “one of them”, the same people that tried to steal all the houses in my community 13 years ago. But after I saw the extreme abuse that he endured and how his campaign was seeming made of Teflon and the globalists could not derail the populist movement that was growing in the country as a result of the campaign, I became convinced that America was experiencing something that had been missing for generations, a movement dedicated to serving the needs of the people who make up this country instead of the newest flavor of elitism.

What I have concluded is that Trump, at 70 years of age, cares about what he leaves behind and if the American people expect there to be change without effort and sacrifice, Trump’s intentions and subsequent plans will fail. The degree that Trump succeeds in “Making America Great Again” is in direct proportion to the degree that the tens of millions of Americans that voted for him are willing to act. And right now, the American people are failing miserably and Deep State (i.e. your neighborhood branch of the New World Order) has this country right where they want us, returning to our slumber and acquiescence.

The Closer

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  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Maybe another 100 days of BS but not even 9 more years of life for any of us if they keep chem trailing.


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