America’s Perfect Storm…(Go To Page 2!!)

Saturday, April 22, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
April 22nd, 2017

America is facing challenges like it never has before in its existence. Many think America is a nation under judgment. Others think America is suffering the Karma of its own bad decision making.

Regardless of how we cut this, America is facing numerous nation-killing challenges and if only one of these challenges are true, this will bring America’s perfect storm.

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  1. John

    I have told many people that humanity is going to require a 2×4 across the side of the head to awaken. Many of us are awake and huge numbers are awakening each day. We try to warn those we love and are met with a walk of denial and cognitive dissonance. So deep is the programming. I find it incredible that people would rather believe the liars in power more than someone they know, trust and love.

    Where is it going? The whole system is about to crash and that pain will be the wake up call for the rest of humanity. We cannot build a new house on a dilapidated foundation. The old system needs to be thrown out.

    From what I have learned, there is much going on behind the scenes in the way of good. Those stories also are on the increase. These luciferian pedofiles are going down and it is playing out now. Stay hopeful and pray that it is not too painful.

  2. Oh Jays Glove

    How much more of an ass raping do you need to realize you have been had ? I have never seen so much willful ignorance. This is a reminder to let you know you have been raped. I’m over here now. Stop looking at your freakin hand.

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Chem trails make all other news the pajama clad news hobbyists report moot. You know … the bloggers who supposedly fight for free speech while deleting loads of comments on their site they disagree with !!! 🙂


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