During The Collapse Part 3 – Excessive And Without Rule Of Law: not a contradiction, but what is coming!

Sunday, April 16, 2017
By Paul Martin

April 16, 2017

First and foremost, on behalf of the Survival Dan 101 team we would like to wish you a happy Easter! Today we continue with part 3 of the series ”During The Collapse” part 1 and two can be found here and here.

How many times do things turn out exactly like you think they will? For me, not often. Often something that I think will happen partially happens, while something else I didn’t foresee partially happens too. Reality is a blend of what I foresee and what I didn’t see coming. A blend.

I think the collapse will be a blend of EROL (“excessive rule of law”) and WROL (“without rule of law”). I call it “E&WROL.”

Some in the prepping community talk about getting ready for EROL. They (correctly) are worried about an oppressive government cracking down after a collapse.

Many in the prepping community are getting ready for WROL. You know, looting and gangs running wild. This is a very likely scenario.

This can easily be avoided by spending some time reading, researching and preparing yourself. There is a lot of free information you can use to learn what to do. Start reading some books for your food storage, learn how you can generate power when the grid is down, attend some self-defense courses, make a decent supply of weapons and ammo and you won’t be forced to knock on my door anymore and I won’t be forced to defend my family and shoot you. Watch the below video and learn how you can make a super food that last for years without refrigeration.

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One Response to “During The Collapse Part 3 – Excessive And Without Rule Of Law: not a contradiction, but what is coming!”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Patriots … move south. It’s simple. A new country needs to be formed. Nothing new under the sun. Same BS different century.



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