Will the Deep State Force Trump Into Declaring Martial Law?

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
April 4th, 2017

The recent terroist events in St. Petersburg were a warning to Trump of what will come to every American state if he continues to resist the Deep State. Yes, that is correct, my best source informed me last night that his intel suggests that this whole terrorist operation in St. Petersburg was designed to serve as a warning Trump about what will come here if his administration does not stop resisting.

If St. Petersburg comes to America, America will be forced into martial law and a suspension of all rights. This article speaks to what will happen under martial law, regardless of who is President. This article also reveals the priceof inaction on the part of the American people. Ask yourself a question America, “If you are going to get your backside kicked, shouldn’t you might as well go down fighting”?

The Coming Martial Law

With everything I have uncovered over the past several years, I have concluded that America will be thrust into martial law prior to fighting in WW III. Martial law is usually preceded by a false flag. There is no shortage of false flag possibilities and choosing the manner, the time and the place is a fool’s errand. However, there are a definitive 17 elements of martial law that we can analyze in order to gauge the progress America is making with regard to to being under total martial law. And it does not matter if Trump, or Obama, is President, the result is always the same.

Being aware of an unfolding state of martial law can help one adjust to changing circumstances. Many experts that I speak with firmly believe that we will not see an all-encompassing declaration of martial. Rather, the elements of martial will be imposed individually and will be referred to as “Continuity of Government”, which most likely follow a significant false flag attack.

Whether martial law is declared all at once, or in piecemeal fashion, there are 17 elements of martial law that all Americans need to be aware of. When, not if, the coordinated terror attacks occur on our soil, the following is what you can expect.

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2 Responses to “Will the Deep State Force Trump Into Declaring Martial Law?”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Yep. So where’s our GOOD NGO’s to fix each evil YOU report on ? Soros has a BUNCH of NGO’s doing EVIL. We don’t even have one ! Until WE have a BUNCH … there’s no hope.

    Donate to : Leagueofthesouth

  2. Sandra

    We have martial law already! We can’t walk safely in our neighborhoods without fear of harm from a MIGRANT! We can’t advertise by way of bumper sticker who we support politically without reprisal from thugs like the ones who damaged Trump Golf in Sterling, VA this past weekend. We’re a third world country! Our criminals are free to do whatever they please without reprimand or indictment, they run for President! We can’t discuss politics, can’t gather in groups without suspicion, can’t travel by airplane without getting sexually molested.

    What a curfew means martial law??? For whites only, the coloreds will be allowed to roam free and criminalize all they want free of scrutiny lest the police are deemed ‘racist’!!

    That ain’t martial law? What is?


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