Death toll rises to 154 in Colombian mudslide, 400 injured, 210 missing – Red Cross (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Saturday, April 1, 2017
By Paul Martin
1 Apr, 2017

A mudslide in Mocoa, near Colombia’s southern border, has killed 154 people, injured at least 190 with 210 feared missing after intense flooding caused three rivers to burst their banks in the middle of the night.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has confirmed that the current death toll has risen to 154 in an interview with local media.

Santos told reporters on Saturday that the area had experienced 130 mm (5 inches) rain overnight, when the average monthly rainfall in Putumayo region is 400 mm.

The Colombian Red Cross are currently unable to accept aid donations until a suitable staging area has been established and proper means of distribution organized. They have also reported.

Governor Sorrel Aroca told local media that 17 neighborhoods had been damaged by the flooding, with two bridges closed and electricity supply disruptions expected to continue, hampering emergency response efforts.

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