One Helluva Comment: I Think It’s A First

Saturday, March 25, 2017
By Paul Martin

Hi Troops!

Well I got a First Here at RevolutionRadio!

This comment is from an article I posted from Greg Hunter’s

The Title was “Spying Lying Exposed-Trump Proven Right, Economy Tanking, North Korea Update”

I have followed Greg for years. I consider him a Patriot. Plus, Does great reporting on the economy.

You can view the article and watch the video at the link above!

Now for the comment. bush_is_a_moonie comments from time to time…but this one, was, a little different…

I’ll Let The Readers Decide!!

This is It…

You’re so full of crap it is pathetic. Everybody except Trump and that sicko Marxist who is running that committee says nothing has been found. People like you should be run out of the country. You and those like you are far more dangerous to our country than any Islamic terrorist group.

If it comes down to a civil war because satanist Trump and sickos who support him, I would be proud to be the one to cap your ass

Cap My Ass…LOL

This Is Fun!

How Many US Marines Have You Confronted Moonie?!

Readers Can Respond!

Have Fun!


One Response to “One Helluva Comment: I Think It’s A First”

  1. jim

    Well Paul, it seems “moonie” is a bit confused. Just the fact that “nothing was found” PROVES that Trump was wiretapped. Oh, and “moonie”..don’t assume you KNOW what “wiretap” means in todays electronic era – look it up! The fact that Trump was wiretapped was the big story, the fact that his name was released “in the clear” just made it worse. This just proves that everyone in the US, including sweet little ole “moonie” is being wiretapped also. And hey, it don’t matter if your cell phone is on or off, they can still listen and take pictures if they want.


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