The New New Left’s Calls for Civil War in America

Thursday, March 23, 2017
By Paul Martin

MARCH 23, 2017

Not long ago many conservatives predicted an American “melt-down” if Hillary Clinton won the White House. Today, the Democrats who are backed by massive corporate interest, they have our nation on the brink of civil war. Radical thugs at Berkley and elsewhere openly attack anyone uttering support for the new president. Making use of an entitled generation of left extremists, the globalists make their move on American regime change.

There is a soft coup underway in my country. We’re far past calling the neo-socialist fanaticism brewing in the United States by any other name. Donald Trump has been in office only a few days, but impartial onlookers wonder at what he could possibly have done to incite such bitter hatred and violence. When Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was prevented from speaking on the University of California Berkley campus because of a violent protesters the “strategy” of left wing radicals became clear. The people behind the Obama-Clinton cabal intend recreating 1960s tension and chaos. In an ironic twist, Berkley was a central spot for the 1960s Free Speech Movement. Today radical liberalism and entitlement are the only words heard. If something does not change soon, America will burn.

The editors at the National Review author call these radicals the “New New Left”, that has been set in motion since before the new president took office. The anti–Milo Yiannopoulos riot on February 1 is another chip in a huge gamble by globalist bent on destroying everything America once stood for. This is the way conservatives and moderates see the unrest today. National Review’s Heather Mac Donald calls our attention to the deep seeded danger of this movement with her condemnation of professors justifying the anarchy. On those academics’ part she wrote:

“These are the same faculty who defined speech as “harmful conduct” in their petitions to the Berkeley administration to cancel Yiannopoulos’s engagement.”

From a strategy point of view the New New Left had an easy time stifling constitutional rights these last few weeks. Berkley is the newest example of cheaply bought civil unrest and coercion. If George Soros or Google wanted to fight pro-Trump voices, 100 violent thugs seeded into an audience already stirred up by Berkley professors and activists gets the job done pretty well. Follow up with New York Times editorials and tilted news, some CNN fake news, and we can expect Kent State to be repeated soon. Only this time the National Guard may open fire on the protestors for the wars. For the wars. It’s important that readers understand what these leftists support.

The “Womens march”, raging left wing media, Democrats blocking presidential appointments, major technology corporations holding special meetings to “handle Trump”, let me tell you brother’s and sisters – patience is about to be worn thin. I watch the tenor of all this on social media, the New New Left is out there threatening people’s kids I tell you! The constant pressure, the needling and jabbing, I’ve never seen the likes in 15 years analyzing social media and digital platforms. The internet is a mirror, a mirror of later reality in person. Whoever is behind all this, and there are those running the chaos show, their only clear goal is an all out civil war to overthrow a dully elected president. Figuring out who “they” are is not so difficult. All anyone has to do is look to Wall Street and the supporters of Obama and Clinton. The “swamp” as President Trump calls it, is churning over the drain plug being pulled.

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