WATCH: Massive Cop Body Slams 80-lb 7th-Grader at the Bus Stop

Monday, March 20, 2017
By Paul Martin

Matt Agorist
March 20, 2017

East Baton Rouge, LA — Video of a schoolyard fight in Baton Rouge highlights an increasing trend across America as schools transform from learning environments to modern day childhood prison yards. The increased police presence at schools is leading to an increase in excessive force against children.

Adolescent quarrels are a frequent occurrence. As hormones rush in, children attempt to assert control over their environment as well as other children and the result can often manifest into a fight.

In the past, if a fight were to break out at school, the teachers, and in some cases the students, would rush in to pull the students apart. However, as the video below illustrates, police now take a far more violent approach.

The East Baton Rouge sheriff’s office is defending the actions of their near-300lb deputy who was caught on video body slamming an 80-lb 7th-grade child.

The deputy was responding to two children fighting as they waited for the bus. Instead of simply pulling them apart, this deputy felt it necessary to go the extra step of lifting the boy into the air and slamming him to the concrete.

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