CIVIL WAR: Jihadists at war with France and hyper-vigilance required says François Fillon

Monday, March 20, 2017
By Paul Martin

PRESIDENTIAL hopeful François Fillon called for higher vigilance and better preparedness after a suspected extremist was shot dead by French soldiers at Paris Orly airport on Saturday.

Mon, Mar 20, 2017

Hours after the attack, the embattled centre-right candidate reminded his supporters that France faced a very high threat from terrorism and was in a state of quasi civil war.

He said: “We are witnessing a quasi civil war situation… The state of emergency has not yet been lifted and should not be lifted. Our security is at stake. We cannot let out guard down.”

The conservative candidate added that a sense of insecurity among the French was “on the rise” and condemned the Socialist government’s “permissive attitude” towards Islamic extremism.

“Last week alone, a booby-trapped parcel was sent to the IMF, a heavily-armed teen opened fire at his high school and a radicalised man killed his father and brother. And yet, the government keeps telling citizens that these are ‘isolated’ incidents… Extremists have subjected the French to barbaric violence… We must remain vigilant,” he warned.

Ziyed Ben Belgacem, a 39-year-old Muslim who became radicalised in 2011 during a stint in jail, arrived at Paris’ Orly airport on Saturday morning, threw down a bag containing a can of petrol and seized a woman who was part of a military patrol at the airport, Paris prosecutor François Molins said.

He then held an air pistol to the soldier’s head and told her colleagues: “Put down your guns. Put your hands on your head. I am here to die for Allah. In any case, there will be deaths.”

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