Two Months Into Trump’s Term, Media Still ‘Doesn’t Get’ Message Voters Sent It

Sunday, March 19, 2017
By Paul Martin

Nearly two months have passed since Donald Trump’s inauguration, but most of the US mainstream media still refuses to accept the election results. The core of the problem, says US politics commentator Dmitri Kosyrev, is that mainstream journalists have refused to accept alternative viewpoints. The country’s media landscape is changing accordingly.

On Monday, President Trump will mark the end of his second month in office, nearly four months after his election victory, unexpected by the vast majority of US media and pundits. Since his win, many of these same outlets and pundits seem to have made it their goal to discredit, defame and perhaps even depose him, publishing and airing story after story filled with unconfirmed, opinion-laden, combative material meant to degrade the president’s credibility.

In his op-ed analysis about this ongoing Trump vs. media war, RIA Novosti contributor and US politics observer Dmitri Kosyrev suggested that Trump’s election was seen by the mainstream media as “the largest disaster in the world history.”

What’s the essence of this catastrophe?, the journalist asked. “A disaster is when all the mainstream TV channels, newspapers and other media turned themselves into instruments for the bulk processing of the brains of US voters, telling them that Donald Trump was an ignominious fringe candidate who would never get elected. And then they got what they got.”

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