Trump Assassination Will Likely Ignite Civil War II

Sunday, March 19, 2017
By Paul Martin

by Ken Jorgustin
March 18, 2017

I recently received an email from the “American Redoubt” outlining the possible and perhaps likely scenario that would take place following a Trump assassination.

I have thought about such consequences myself, particularly given some of the vocal left who are actually publicly calling for his assassination (why are they not being prosecuted?!).

While I do believe that we are currently in Civil War II, it is my opinion that if such a terrible event (Trump assassination) were to occur, that it may indeed ignite a hot Civil War II.

Here’s what I mean…

While the words that I’ve already used in this article will no doubt automatically flag certain .gov agencies to read this, there’s little doubt in my mind that they too understand the potential ramifications. If there is a .gov analyst reading this right now, I request that you go after those who are vocally and publicly calling for his assassination and prosecute them.

The following are excerpts from an article published by the American Redoubt (link below) and parts of it republished with their permission.

Is this likely to be a headline coming soon to the USA?

Don’t get me wrong. I like Trump and think he has done a phenomenal job so far. If he can keep up the pace of his first month in office for eight years then it will bring prosperity back to Americans for a decade or two longer and push back the coming collapse.

But we live in a different time now than the glory days shown in those black-and-white photos from just after we won WWII. I’ve talked to many of the Boomer generation who remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when the news of the JFK assassination came out. But I have not yet met a Boomer who was glad JFK was assassinated. Today, how many people in America do you think would be celebrating in the streets if Trump was assassinated? And when you look at the whole “NeverTrump” crowd on the Republican, conservative, and evangelical end, I don’t think the celebrating would be solely leftist.

Framing The Argument

I’m not going to look into a crystal ball and pretend to tell exactly how and why this will come to pass and who will be responsible. Rather, there are only a few questions that must be answered and upon those answers we can decide, “Does it seem more likely than not that Trump will be assassinated prior to serving eight years as president?”

The follow-up is, “What would happen after that?”. The answer is spine chilling… and after reading this in depth article (linked below) you’ll understand that now is the time to continue your preps in earnest!

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