Sarah Palin blasts GOP healthcare plan as ‘socialism’ and calls on Trump to ‘step in and fix it’

Sunday, March 12, 2017
By Paul Martin

Palin said healthcare plan is ‘quasi-reformed proposal’ with ‘aspect of socialism’
But she said has faith that president Donald Trump will ‘step in and fix it’
She blasted the new plan same day VP Mike Pence reiterated his support for the new proposal while speaking with Kentucky leaders on Saturday

12 March 2017

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin blasted the GOP’s healthcare plan as ‘socialism’ on Saturday, the same day Vice President Mike Pence attempted to convince Kentucky leaders that the ‘Obamacare nightmare’ is nearing it’s end.

Palin said in an interview with conservative news outlet Breitbart that she is expecting president Donald Trump to ‘step in and fix it’.

‘Even in this new quasi-reformed proposal, there is still an aspect of socialism.’

She said was really concerned with the fact that Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill does not eliminate Obamacare’s mandate, which requires all Americans to purchase health insurance. But under Ryan’s plan, those who not comply, pay a fee to the insurance companies.

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2 Responses to “Sarah Palin blasts GOP healthcare plan as ‘socialism’ and calls on Trump to ‘step in and fix it’”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Women shouldn’t be in politics. It isn’t feminine, and it’s an abomination to God. Palin should be a writer like Ann Coulter.

  2. Strayhorse

    The Republican Party best get their heads out of their asses and get behind Trump and all Americans, because a Democratic socialist control of the Presidency, and both houses of Congress can happen if the Republicans ARE NOT UNIFIED! If that happens, and the Democratic Socialist Party rules over Americans, the Bolsheviks will commit genocide and exterminate more than the 11 million citizens the Bolsheviks exterminated in the holocaust in Russia – that everyone seems to have forgotten; and that there are no American Holocaust Museums for! Huh, why is that?


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